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#189  Sep 02, 2016    email version


If an employee suffers non-duty-related death, how much his/her employer shall lose?


If an employee suffers non-duty-related death, whether his/her employer shall undertake corresponding fees?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北上广深:上半年平均调薪率上海最低

    The average wage increase ratio of Shanghai for the first half year is the lowest among the ratios of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen


    A survey conducted on around 800 enterprises throughout the country shows that the average wage increase ratio of enterprises during the period from Jan. to Jun. 2016 is 7.0%, which decreases somewhat as compared to the ratios of the preceding years. The average wage increase ratio of Shanghai, 6.7%, is the lowest among the ratios of four major first-tier cities Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, even lower than the average ratio of second-tier cities.

  • 中国企业500强:中移动第10 华为第27

    Top 500 enterprises of China: CMCC and Huawei are respectively ranked 10th and 27th


    The list of top 500 enterprises of China in 2016 has been announced recently in Changsha, and SGCC is ranked 1st by virtue of its revenue of RMB 2.070 trillion. CNPC is ranked 2nd by virtue of its revenue of RMB 1.880 trillion, while Sinopec which has been ranked 1st for 11 consecutive years is ranked 3rd by its revenue of RMB 1.840 trillion. ICBC, CCB, CSCEC, ABC, BOC, China Ping An, CMCC are ranked from 4th to 10th.

  • 中秋节调休3天 高速不免费

    The holiday for the Mid-autumn Festival is 3 days after adoption of shift leave, and the highway toll is not free


    According to the spirit of notice promulgated by General Office of the State Council, the holiday for the Mid-autumn Festival this year is 3 days after adoption of shit leave, and the highway toll is not free. Sep. 15 (Thursday, the Mid-autumn Festival) – 17 (Saturday) - 3 days off. Sep. 18 (Sunday) – work as usual, and the toll during the holiday for Mid-autumn Festival is not free.

  • 亚马逊试行每周工作30小时拿75%工资

    Amazon has tried out the working hour system of 30 hours per week, and decreased the corresponding wages by 25%


    It is reported that the e-commerce giant of America, Amazon has tried out the working hour system of 30 hours per week for some of its employees. As its normal working hour system is 40 hours per week, the wages for the employees who are willing to accept the working hour system of 30 hours per week will decrease by 25%.

  • 7成


    The 2016 Social Security White Paper of China was released a few days ago. A survey shows that the social insurance wage bases for 70% of the enterprises fail to comply with provisions. As employees’ social insurance wage bases were decreased, their treatment will be certainly affected.

  • 第13位


    On the 29th day, NDRC published a research report, claiming that the total rate of five insurances paid by Chinese enterprise staff and workers to total wages was 39.25%, which ranked the 13th place among the countries and regions included in the statistical scope, and was close to the rates of welfare states like France, Germany and Italy.

  • 45%


    According to the index of wage and remuneration under “business and administration fee” in the semi-annual report, the accumulative remunerations paid to employees by the 22 listing brokers which have published this index are RMB 30.857 billion, decreasing by 45% as compared to the total RMB 5.5605 billion in the same period last year.

  • 4.5万元


    A few days ago, a student of University of California - Berkeley shared a payroll list of interns. Judging from the list, although the pay for interns in Apple Inc. is not the highest, it still reaches USD 6,700 (about RMB 45,000) per month. The hourly pay is RMB 254. If an intern works for more than 40 hours a week, his/her hourly pay will be doubled.

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