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#19  Mar 01, 2013    email version


Tips for Tough Issues of Employee Departure


After the end of the old year, the employer faces the first job-hopping peak of the New Year. HR management shifts from year-end routine to management of leaving employees.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 拟规定劳动能力鉴定结果在60日内给出

    The Proposed Working Capacity Identification Results will be Issued within 60 Days


    The Working Capacity Identification Measures (Draft) has been issued to the public for consultation. According to this Draft, should the employees have been injured, the limitation for the application of working capacity identification should not exceed two years from the identification of the work-related injuries. If the application provided by the applicants is complete, the Working Capacity Identification Committee should issue the conclusion within 60 days.

  • 深圳拟立法发放生育津贴

    Shenzhen is to issue the maternity allowance by legislation


    Shenzhen City is about to issue more than 20 new legislations (including but not limited to the Maternity Insurance Ordinance). According to the new Maternity Insurance Ordinance, female employees are expected to receive maternity allowance in addition to maternity medical expenses through insurance.

  • 广州节后职工返岗率达九成以上

    More than 90% of the employees have returned to work in Guangzhou city after holidays


    The human resources and social security department in Guangzhou city has recently issued the news that 90% of the employees have returned to work in Guangzhou city after holidays in the recent two months. The employment gap has reached about 110,000. Meanwhile, the remuneration packages of employees have increased by 9%-12.5%.

  • 北京拟规定招聘信息不得包含歧视性内容

    Beijing City has proposed to exclude discriminatory provisions in recruitment notice


    The Rules for Human Resources Market Regulation in Beijing City (Draft) has recently been issued to the public for consultation. It is stated in the Rules that the employing unit or the recruitment notice issued by the human resources service agent should not contain any discriminatory content.

  • 北京:政府采购拟优先面向中小企业

    Beijing: Government Procurement will place the SMEs in priority


    Beijing has recently drafted the Measures for the Promotion of the Development of SMEs, which is under review. It is stated that the government should give priority to the purchase of the products and services of SMEs.

  • 58%


    The investigation of ten hottest issues launched by the People’s Daily in 2013 revealed that, as to how to narrow the income gap, 58% of the Internet users hope that the country will adjust the salaries and choose to use the mechanism of raising the wage standards and establishing the normal wage growth standards as the most effective measure.

  • 4.1%


    The National Bureau of Statistics has recently announced that at the end of this year, the national employment has reached 76704. Among them, 37102 are urban employed people. The newly increased urban employment has reached 12,660,000, and the registered urban unemployment has reached 4.1%.

  • 8%


    Human Resources and Social Security Council in Beijing has recently released the market demand report in the first half of 2013 to the society. In the first half year of 2013, about 480,000 new positions are created, which is more than the amount of labor supply. Meanwhile, the average minimum remuneration committed by the enterprise has also increased by 8% and reached to around RMB 2200.

  • 1/3


    According to the latest International Business Investigation Report issued by Zhi Tong Accounting Firm, around one third of Hong Kong enterprises have encountered difficulties in recruitment, and the level of recruitment is 39% of the global average.

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