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#192  Sep 30, 2016    email version


What can we do when an original employee still takes maternity leave yet the graduation of a trainee is coming?


If the staffing department intends to employ the trainee for two additional weeks until the female employee comes back, whether the company may employ the trainee as a temporary worker? How to cope with this situation?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 上海出台人才新政“30条”

    Shanghai has introduced the “30 provisions” concerning new talent policy.


    Recently, Shanghai promulgated the Opinions on Implementation of Further Deepening Reformation of Talent Development System and Mechanism and Accelerating the Construction of Globally Influential Technology Innovation Center, which is called the “30 provisions” concerning new talent policy for short. Compared with the “20 provisions” concerning new talent policy introduced last year, the “30 provisions” concerning new talent policy” have added and reduced some provisions.

  • 京津冀外籍人才资质互认

    Mutual authentication of foreign talent qualifications is feasible among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.


    Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province signed the agreement on mutual authentication of qualifications of flowing foreign talents the other day. According to this agreement, from Oct. 1, the administrations of foreign experts affairs of the three regions will authenticate each other’s formalities concerning work of high-end foreign talents (class A, the encouraged foreigners) classified in accordance with the Classification and Management Standards for Foreigners Working in China made by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of P. R. China.

  • 人社部明确“五证合一”社保登记事项

    The MOHRSS has specified matters necessarily subject to social insurance registration as a result of the “integration of five certificates into one”.


    According to the “Notice on Properly Finishing Social Insurance Registration for Enterprises as a Result of the “Integration of Five Certificates into One” (i.e. “the integration of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, social insurance registration certificate and statistics registration certificate into one”), from Oct. 1, enterprises and farm professional cooperatives registering with administrations for industry and commerce shall accept social insurance registration certificate management subject to the registration regulations concerning “the integration of five certificates into one” and “one certificate, one code”.

  • 最高法院正起草船员纠纷司法解释

    The Supreme People’s Court has been drafting judicial interpretation of disputes concerning seafarer employment contracts


    Recently, the Supreme People’s Court has been drafting judicial interpretation on disputes concerning seafarer employment contracts, and will formulate and promulgate applicable provisions in batch according to the order of priority. Over the years, disputes concerning seafarer employment contracts have showed a growth trend, including extreme events arising from ordinary labor disputes.

  • 10.6%


    According to the analysis report released by Hay Group affiliated to Korn/Ferry International, over the 8 years since the “Great Recession”, the actual increase rate of salary of China is up to 10.6%, being ranked 1st place in the world.

  • 5万


    The labor union of Hyundai Motor has carried out general strike since Sep. 26 for the purpose of asking the company to release schemes concerning better treatment, including increase of salary. It is planned to conduct strike 6 hours a day between Sep. 27 and Sep. 30, and 4 hours on the day when the two parties of labor and capital negotiate with each other.

  • 1000


    Lenovo announced that it would lay off employees worldwide in Motorola Department and added that less than 2% of its employees in the world would be laid off. As Lenovo boasts about 55,000 employees in the world, around 1,000 employees in Motorola Department will be laid off.

  • 10K


    Recently, “Pay List of Internet Startup Companies in 2016” has been released. According to the List, the top 10 are: Ant Financial, UBER China, LU.com, Xiaomi Technology, Didichuxing, JimuBox, Zhenrongbao, iwjw.com, Zhong’an Insurance and Toutiao. The average monthly wage of Top 50 in the list is more than 10K.

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