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#193  Oct 14, 2016    email version


How to deal with deliberate consumption of sick leave by employees?


Many HR specialists deem that sick leave is equal to medical treatment period. In fact, the two concepts are different, as medical treatment period is a portion of sick leave, and sick leave isn’t equal to medical treatment period.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:异地就医住院费明年底直接结算

    The MOHRSS: The hospitalization expenses for non-local medical treatment will be settled directly by the end of next year


    Recently, the MOHRSS has printed and issued the Notice on Further Studying and Implementing the Spirit of National Sanitation and Health Conference. The Notice has specified the time points since which many policies shall be implemented. By the end of next year, it will basically realize the goal that hospitalization expenses for non-local medical treatment that comply with provisions on referral can be directly settled.

  • 29省份明确陪产假期限

    29 provinces have specified the term of paternity leave


    As Guangdong released new Regulations on Population and Family Planning, at present at least 29 provinces have specified the terms of paternity leave in their new local regulations on population and family planning. Therein, the shortest paternity leave lasts for only 7 days, while the longest one lasts for more than 1 month.

  • 广东:新增产假应遵照执行 不需另行发文

    Guangdong: It is required that the newly-prolonged maternity leave be observed without further notice


    On Sep. 29, the new Regulations of Guangdong Province on Population and Family Planning were adopted. However, some employers have said, “As the document so requires hasn’t been issued, we will act according to the old policy” upon the adoption of the new Regulations. Related official responded that the Regulations of Guangdong Province on Population and Family Planning were local regulations, so it was required that the Regulations be observed by entities within this province without further notice.

  • 广东女职工产假至少178天

    Female employees in Guangzhou are entitled to at least 178 days of maternity leave


    On the afternoon of Sep. 29, the 28th session of the 12th Standing Committee of the NPC of Guangdong Province adopted the decision on modifying the Regulations of Guangdong Province on Population and Family Planning through voting. One of the highlights in the new Regulations is that the leave for awarding legitimate birth is significantly prolonged, namely being prolonged from 30 days to 80 days. Thus the maternity leave for female employees is prolonged from 128 days to 178 days.

  • 80小时/月


    The Japanese government adopted the first White Paper on the Prevention of Death from Overwork formulated based on the Law on Promoting the Measures for Preventing Death from Overwork in cabinet meeting on the 7th day. The White Paper stated that 80 hours’ overtime work or more each month would be “regarded as the standard that leading to death from overtime work” by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

  • 16575元


    According to statistics on average wages of staff and practitioners released by the statistical department of Guangdong Province, the wage standards on which the basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees in Guangdong province shall be paid in the 2016 social insurance year (from Jul. 1, 2016 to Jun. 30, 2017) have been determined, with the cap to be RMB 16,575, and the lower limit to be RMB 2,906.

  • 1/5


    A new study says that the psychopathic features of about one fifth of senior enterprise leaders keep at “extremely high level”, and this proportion is equal to that of criminals with psychopathic features.

  • 193天


    Any married woman who has her first baby over the age of 23 is still entitled to 15-day leave for late birth according to provisions prevailing, which means any mother in Shenzhen who gives late childbirth of her first baby can take 193-day maternity leave, or 223-day maternity leave under special circumstance.

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