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#195  Oct 28, 2016    email version


Can part-time employment relation constitute labor relation?


Different from full-time labor relation in general sense, part-time employment neither requires the employer and the employee to sign a written labor contract, nor requires the employer to pay other social insurances for the employee except for work-related injury insurance during the period of the employee’s work.

  • 解雇有过错员工:靠常识还是制度?
  • Dismiss employees in fault: Is common sense or regulation depended on?
  • 《劳动合同法》第39条规定,劳动者严重违反用人单位规章制度,用人单位可以解除劳动合同。但何谓严重违反规章制度?怎样的规章制度能够成为用人单位的有利证据?
  • It is provided in Article 39 of the Labor Contract Law that if the employee seriously violates the rules and regulations set up by the employer, the employer may dissolve the labor contract. What does it mean by seriously violating rules and regulations? What kind of rules and regulations will become evidence in favor of the employer?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 媒体:百万银行员工面临失业 15年内银行将消失

    Media: Millions of bank employees will be confronted with unemployment, as banks will disappear within 15 years


    As the wind is piercingly cold, the banking industry witnesses its unprecedented situation within the 30 years. A report released by KPMG several days ago shows that by 2030, banks and services provided thereby may “disappear”, as an artificial assistant similar to Siri will take over the life and finance services for banking customers.

  • 触动传媒被曝倒闭 员工被全部清退

    Closure of Touchmedia is exposed, and all of its employees have been expelled


    It is reported that the interactive media advertising within taxis is on the verge of closure, and is being put through the bankruptcy liquidation process. The former office of Touchmedia has been empty, and all of its employees have been expelled.

  • 人社部:养老金发放基本落实 9地提高最低工资标准

    MOHRSS: The grant of pensions is basically implemented; 9 regions have raised their respective minimum wage standards


    The MOHRSS stated in the Q3 press conference held on the 25th day, “At present, the grant of the adjusted pension has been basically implemented; unified pension system ushers in its substantial operating stage; investment and operation of pension insurance fund will be launched within this year; 20 provinces and cities have realized the integration of medical insurance programs for urban and rural residents; and 9 regions have adjusted their respective minimum wage standards, with an average rate of increase of 10.7%.”

  • 年收入超12万要加税属误读

    That additional tax shall be levied on those with annual income over RMB 120,000 is a kind of misunderstanding


    Recently, individual income tax reform has once again become the hot topic, and with respect to the opinion that additional tax shall be levied on those with annual income over RMB 120,000, who are defined as high-income group, many experts in finance and taxation who are familiar with individual income tax reform have responded that the opinion is a kind of misunderstanding, and purely a kind of rumor, as RMB 120,000 is not the boundary of high-income group and low-income group.

  • 五成


    The report released by China Center for Promotion of SME Development under the MIIT on the 24th day shows that under the pressure of economic downward, enterprises’ have been more sensitive to burden – 56% of enterprises think the current overall burden is heavy in such fields as labor cost, financing cost, and cost of facility--- water, electricity, gas, land, etc.

  • 71.3%


    A study shows that among all interviewed college and university students with internship experience, 71.3% of them have suffered unfair treatment. Excessive workload or working time (51.8%) is the most common circumstance during internship, and the discrepancy between the actual work and the description in recruitment advertising (45.7%) comes next.

  • 7类


    Last Friday, the State Council released the Opinions on Motivating the Vitality of Key Groups to Lead Urban and Rural Residents to Increase Income, in which it has put forward the plan to motivate top 7 groups, including the following detailed subjects: Skilled talents, new professional peasants, scientific research personnel, small and micro-sized enterprise entrepreneurs, enterprise management personnel, cadres at the grass-roots level and disadvantaged group with labor ability.

  • 1067万


    According to the introduction made by the spokesman of the MOHRSS, between Jan. and Sep., 10.67 million newly-increased employees in towns all over the country marched to the job market, with the goal of newly increasing 10 million employees all the year round achieved in advance.

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