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#198  Nov 18, 2016    email version


Could you accept the transfer of position upon taking a long holiday?


Whether the employer has the right to transfer his/her position? Where the employee refuses to accept such transfer of position, what can the employer do?

  • 该劳务派遣协议有效吗?
  • Is the Labor Dispatching Agreement valid?
  • 现我听说此派遣为逆向派遣合同,违反了法律、行政法规强制性规定,那么我与某派遣公司签订的《劳务派遣协议》是否有效?
  • Recently, I’ve heard that such dispatching is a reverse dispatching contract, and violates compulsory regulations in laws and administrative provisions. Whether the Labor Dispatching Agreement executed with the dispatching company is valid?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:网上购药将可用社保卡结算

    MOHRSS: On-line medicine purchase can be settled via social security cards


    On November 8, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Notice on Publishing 2020 Action Plan “Internet + Human Resources and Social Security”. According to the Action Plan, social security cards will have payment function additionally, and support the application of various payment and treatment. In the meantime, the cooperation with third-party payment platforms as WeChat and AliPay shall be carried out to support online medicine purchase and other applications by relevant institutions.

  • 个税改革步伐加快

    The reform of individual income tax has been accelerated


    Recently, the Ministry of Finance has adjusted the setting of some offices and established an independent office for individual income tax. According to information, the reform of individual income tax shall be realized by establishing a tax system consisting of basic deduction and special deduction where the latter shall be set having special items increased properly, which may further lower the tax burden of middle and low-income groups.

  • 江苏:上下班接送孩子遇意外算工伤

    Jiangsu: accidents suffered when picking up children on the way between home and office shall be deemed as work-related injury.


    Recently, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security in Jiangsu Province issued the opinions on several issues arising from the implementation of Regulations on Work-related Injury Insurance. According to the aforesaid opinions, accidents suffered by workers on the way between home and office when buying food materials, picking up children or going to the domicile of parents, children or spouse shall be deemed as work-related injury. These opinions shall be implemented in Jiangsu Province as of Jan.1, 2017.

  • 深圳拟废止特区人口与计生条例

    Shenzhen plans to abolish the Regulations on the Population and Family Planning in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone


    It is reported that, with the full implementation of the two-child policy, Shenzhen plans to abolish the Regulations on the Population and Family Planning in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and publicly solicits opinions prior to such abolishment.

  • 4990元


    According to the Remuneration Report of 2016 College Graduates in Shanghai, by the end of September, the average monthly salary of their first work is RMB 4,990, increasing by 6.8% compared with RMB 4,672 of 2015 college graduates.

  • 300股


    The 18th birthday of TENCENT fell on Nov. 11, 2016. In addition to handing out red envelopes via live telecast, Ma Huateng, the President and CEO of TENCENT declared that 300 shares of TENCENT shall be granted to each employee worthy of RMB 52,000. The total value of shares granted this time is about RMB 1.5 billion.

  • 60天


    Recently, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security in Hunan Province issued the Notice on the Maternity Insurance of Urban Employees and Maternity Leave of Female Employees, which definitely regulated that the newly-increased 60-day maternity leave shall not be included into the scope of maternity insurance and maternity allowance. During this period, female employees shall be deemed to turn out for work.

  • 6万/年


    Investigation shows that the annual salary of the first work 36.5% of overseas returnees engage in is less than RMB 40,000 Yuan, and 67.2% less than RMB 60,000. Only 30% of HR managers treat overseas returnees preferentially.

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