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#199  Nov 25, 2016    email version


How will a company do to realize compliance when the medical treatment period of its employee is about to expire?


The medical treatment period of an employee of our company is about to expire, then how will we do to realize compliance?

  • 用人单位是否可以约定延长试用期?
  • Can an employer stipulate extension of probation period?
  • 三个月试用期结束后不久小李申请仲裁,要求H公司支付违法约定试用期的赔偿金,那么H公司约定延长试用期是否有效呢?
  • Shortly after the expiry of the first three-month probation period, Li applied for arbitration, requiring H company to pay the compensation for illegally stipulating the probation period, then is H company’s stipulating extension of probation period valid?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 个税改革方案拟明年出炉 改革方向:增加专项扣除

    The program of individual income tax reform is proposed to be released next year, and the reform orientation focuses on: Addition of special deduction


    According to media, the program of individual income tax reform is expected to be released in the first half of next year. The expenditures of reeducation will be deducted in priority, and the loan interest rate for the first set of real property is also expected to be included in the items subject to pre-tax deduction.

  • 超八成女大学生遭遇就业性别歧视

    Over 80% of female college and university graduates have experienced gender discrimination in applying for jobs


    According to the survey conducted by Women's Studies Institute of China in colleges and universities in Beijing and other places in 2015, up to 86.6% of female college and university graduates have experienced one or more kinds of gender discrimination in applying for jobs, and female college and university graduates majoring in science account for 80% of such female graduates.

  • 北京:职工照顾临终老人或可享带薪休假

    Beijing: Employees taking care of their dying parents may enjoy paid leaves


    Beijing will perfect the regulations on employees’ paid leave for the convenience of sons and daughters’ directly taking care of their parents during such special periods as postoperative rehabilitation and hospice care.

  • 财政部:地方政府应公开部门人员基本工资、奖金等

    Ministry of Finance: Local governments shall make basic wages and bonuses of their department personnel public


    Recently, Ministry of Finance has printed and issued Standard Operating Procedure for Making Local Budgets and Final Accounts Public. The Standard Operating Procedure has made specific provisions on the principle, basic requirements, departmental responsibilities, time, contents, means and the like concerning making the local budgets and final accounts public.

  • 30万美元


    As the aviation industry develops rapidly, airlines in China are badly in need of aviators at present. As local aviators are limited in number, many airlines in China hope to “poach” foreign aviators by offering them high salaries. It is reported such airlines offer quite attractive treatment – annual salary of USD 300 thousand.

  • 65岁


    How many years will the retirement age of Chinese staff and workers be extended? Although the MOHRSS hasn’t made the details of the program public, Yin Weimin once said definitely, “Among more than 80 million of retirees who have paid enterprise employees’ endowment insurance, the average retirement age is less than 55 years old. It is obviously not reasonable, as the retirement age of the majority of countries in the world is around 65 years old.

  • 1/3


    Report on the Research on Skill Gaps in Chinese Labor Force Market shows that up to 1/3 college and university graduates resign within half a year as of their graduation; and college and university graduates aged 22-24 have been the population with the highest unemployment risk in China.

  • 2000万


    Zeng Xiangquan, Director of China Institute for Employment Research, said in “2016 Annual Meeting of China Association of Labor Economics” held on the 19th day, the population with working age continued to decrease this year by about 20 million in the recent 5 years, and the fall of labor force supply led to the rise of labor cost, industry transfer and technology replacing labor force, which shall be the future trends.

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