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#2  Oct 19, 2012    email version

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 营改增试点期间收入归属保持不变

    Ownership Remained Unchanged for Income Yielded during Business Tax's Conversion to Value Added Tax


    Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of China, State Administration of Taxation has issued an announcement, which declares that the ownership of income during pilot period of conversion from Business Tax to Value Added Tax remains unchanged. And the Business Tax income in the pilot areas will still fall into the ownership of these areas where they are converted to Value Added Tax.

  • 税务总局:10月起证券经纪人佣金收入需缴个税

    State Administration of Taxation: Individual Income Tax to be Levied Based on Commission Income of Securities Brokers from October


    State Administration of Taxation has recently issued Announcement on Individual Tax on Income of Commission of Securities Broker, which makes it explicit that securities brokers shall be taxed based on their commission income from securities company according to the taxation item of income of remuneration from labor services.

  • 北京:劳动争议不占工伤认定时限

    Beijing: Time for Labor Dispute shall not Occupy Work-related Injury Identification's Time Limit


    Sources from Beijing municipal government shows that, Some Regulations on the Implementation of Work-related Injury Insurance will be unveiled recently. The provision shows that, shall no competent body accept and hear the case of work-related injury because of disputes in jurisdiction, municipal social insurance department will assign the responsible party. And the time for solving labor dispute shall not occupy the identification period for work-related injury.

  • 4000


    A job-hunting intention report based on the feedback information of 150,000 graduates of this year have shown that, salary expectation of 53.4% of graduates of this year does not exceed 4000 yuan.

  • 26%

    Capital Business Credit对全球零售生产商和进口商的一份调查报告显示,在接受调查的时尚品牌中,26%的企业准备将工厂从中国转移到其他国家。

    According to a survey report on global retailing manufacturers and importers by Capital Business Credit, 26% of enterprises are preparing to relocate part of their factories from China to other countries.

  • 51


    Latest research has discovered that working hours of HK employees are longest in the whole APEC area, and nearly 47.6%, that is half of the interviewees think that they have been working for more than 51 hours per week.

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