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#20  Mar 08, 2013    email version


Amendment to employment contract of employees suffering occupational disease

《中华人民共和国职业病防治法》规定, 用人单位对不适宜继续从事原工作的职业病病人,应当调离原岗位,并妥善安置。怎样做算是"妥善安置"?

Code of Occupational Disease Prevention of People's Republic of China provides that the employer should transfer the employee suffering occupational disease and not suitable to continue his original work to other post and make suitable arrangement for such employees. What does "suitable arrangement" mean?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 深圳:欠保两年内员工投诉可强制企业补交

    Shenzhen: Employees may petition for compensation in the first two years of the discovery of the non-payment of insurance


    Du Bin, Vice Secretary of Shenzhen Social Insurance Bureau, reveals that, according to the recently promulgated regulations, employees may petition for compensation in the first two years of the discovery of the non-payment of insurance, and the Social Insurance Bureau may mandatorily require the enterprise to make the payment. Should the non-payment of insurance have exceeded two years, it would then be unreasonable to require the enterprise to make the payment.

  • 上海临港:部分紧缺人才可直接落户

    Shanghai Port: Part of the personnel in shortage can settle down directly in Shanghai


    The Shanghai Municipal has recently released 30 rules for the establishment of special mechanisms and the implementation of special policies in the Port area. It was stated that urgently needed talents and highly skilled personnel in enterprises and key institutions in Shanghai Port can settle down directly.

  • 广州社会医保条例二审稿提交审议

    The Second Draft for Social and Medical Insurance Ordinance in Guangzhou has been submitted to review


    The Second Draft for Social and Medical Insurance Ordinance in Guangzhou has been submitted to review. Compared with the First Draft in October last year, the Second Draft still allows employees at work to pay medical insurance at the minimum rate of 15 years. It is also proposed that the personal account balance for medical insurance for employees can also be inherited.

  • 北京:外地人在京领养老金需满足三条件

    Beijing: Outsiders should meet three conditions to receive pensions in Beijing


    Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Council revealed that outsiders should meet three conditions in order to receive pensions in Beijing, i.e. to reach the statutory retirement age, the accumulation of over 15 years of contribution of payment, among which at least 10 years of the contribution has been made in Beijing.

  • 15%


    Professional Recruitment Consultant Company Robert Walters has released the annual global salary survey report recently. The report shows that, in 2012, professionals in China have got salary increase by 15-20% through job changes (which is 15-30% lower than in 2011). And the salary in 2013 will be increased in 2012. The job hunters, at the change of job, will have their salaries increased by 15-25%.

  • 95%


    The Ministry of Education has recently released the Report for the Development and Employment of Secondary Vocational School Students in China. The Report shows that the rate of employment for secondary vocational school students has exceeded 95%, which is higher than the rate of employment for colleague students.

  • 330亿


    John Tsang, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, has recently released the first budget for the new government at the legislative council. In the budget, John Tsang proposed 330 billion relief and tax cuts, including the concession of 75% of the 2012/2013 annual salaries tax and personal interest tax.

  • 48万


    Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Council have recently released to the community the market and demand needs for the human resources market in the first half of 2013. The employment needs of the enterprise have maintained a high speed of growth, and newly created jobs in the first half of 2013 has exceeded 480,000.

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