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#200  Dec 02, 2016    email version


Whether an employee breaches non-compete obligation for not reporting employment status after termination


During the performance of a non-compete agreement, the employer is entitled to request the employee to report employment status. Nevertheless, what is more important is to collect evidence of violation of non-compete obligation.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 调查显示:“全面二孩”对女性就业带来负面影响

    According to the investigation: The “Universal two-child policy” will bring adverse impact on the employment of woman


    In accordance with 2016 China Labor Market Development Report, the labor participation rate of women keeps declining, but is still higher than the average level in the world. The promotion of women employees encounters “glass ceiling” barrier, and the “universal two-child policy” may bring adverse impact on the employment of woman.

  • 渐进式延迟退休政策已经拟定 年内或将公布

    The policy concerning raising the retirement age in progressive steps has been prepared, and may be announced within this year


    Minister Yin Weimin of the MOHRSS has expressly told media that in accordance with the work plan, the MOHRSS will determine the policy concerning raising the retirement age in progressive steps this year, and will announce it to the society at a proper time after the examination and approval procedure.

  • 国务院:再取消114项职业资格许可和认定事项

    The State Council: Another 114 vocational qualification licenses and identifications will be canceled


    It is decided in the executive meeting of the State Council hosted by premier minister Li Keqiang of the State Council on Nov. 23 that another batch of vocational qualification licenses and identifications would be canceled to further facilitate employment and entrepreneurship.

  • 格力电器:全体员工每人每月加薪1000元

    Gree Electric Appliances: The monthly salary of each employee will be increased by RMB 1,000


    A notice on salary increase of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai has spread on Inernet. According to the notice, from Dec. 2016, Gree Electric Appliances will increase the monthly salary of each employee who has worked for three full months upon joining the company (except for employee whose salary is determined through special discussion) by RMB 1,000 on the basis of his/her current salary.

  • 365天


    Recently, Regulations of Tibet Autonomous Region on Family Planning has been adopted. It is provided in the Regulations that for any couple giving birth to babies permitted by law, the wife can enjoy a 365-day maternity leave (including statutory maternity leave and vacation in the year upon the expiration of the maternity leave) for each baby, and the husband can enjoy a 30-day nursing leave (excluded from annual leave) for each baby, and during such periods, the couple will enjoy full wages or birth allowances according to law.

  • 10%


    Recently, a pieces of news that Letv would lay off 10% of its employees has again made Letv which was in the whirlpool of the rumor of problem in capital chain a focus. With respect to this, an insider of Letv discloses that 10% in the so called “laying off 10% of employees” in fact is normal index of “lowest place elimination system” for Letv each year.

  • 6成


    According to a survey, 52.9% of current year’s graduates accepting interviews expect their starting salaries to range from RMB 3,000 to 5,000 when applying for jobs. In the face of the current employment situation, 61.1% of graduates accepting interviews intend to get jobs first and then choose jobs.

  • 35%


    Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Commission announced on the 28th day that since Nov. 29, 2016, any household which applied for a commercial loan to purchase its first set of residential house shall pay down payment not less than 35% of the total payment for the house.

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