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#201  Dec 09, 2016    email version


Can the condolence money paid by the company to the family of an employee who has died not due to work-related reasons be categorized as "pensions"?


The focus of this case is whether the condolence money made by the company complies with the two prerequisites specified in the Regulations on the Management of Pensions for the Disabled or for the Family of the Deceased.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 最高法:用人单位以“末位淘汰”单方解除劳动合同属违法

    The Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China: It shall be deemed that the employer that dissolves the labor contract with any of its employees unilaterally based on the “lowest place elimination system” has breached contract


    The Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China has specified in the Summary of the Eighth National Conference on Civil and Commercial Judicial Work (Civil Part) announced thereby on the 30th day that where the employer dissolves the labor contract with any of its employees based on the “lowest place elimination system”, “post-competition system” or other system within the labor contract period, the employee may require the employer to continue to perform the labor contract or pay compensation on the excuse that the employer illegally dissolves the labor contract.

  • 中国生育水平全球最低 二孩政策影响甚微

    The fertility rate of China is ranked last in the world, and the second-child policy has few effect on the change of the situation


    According to foreign media reports, the fertility rate of China is ranked last in the world, and the second-child policy has little effect on the change of the situation; as the aging of population becomes increasingly severe, to solve China’s population situation has become a big issue. It is learned that the population situation results from the increase of homosexuals, the pressure from bearing the cost of giving birth to a second child and environment, and the couples not intending to assume more responsibilities.

  • 人社部:明确职工养老保险关系转移接续问题

    MOHRSS: Clarification of issues concerning the transfer and continuation of employees' endowment insurance relation


    The MOHRSS has printed and issued a notice to clarify several issues concerning the transfer and continuation of employees’ endowment insurance relation, and answer in detail where the inter-provincial migrate employees shall receive old-age pensions, how to deal with those repeatedly taking old-age pensions and other issues.

  • 人社部:生育医疗保险将合并 合并后生育保险不会取消

    MOHRSS: Maternity insurance and medical insurance will be combined, and upon combination, the maternity insurance will not be canceled


    Recently, the reporter has learned from the Institute of Social Security under the MOHRSS that the project – Study on Issues concerning the Combined Implementation of Maternity Insurance and Medical Insurance has been duly launched. It is learned that the combined implementation of the two kinds of insurance doesn’t mean the maternity insurance shall be canceled, instead, the remuneration for giving birth to children shall be still reserved.

  • 65岁


    At present, Germany and the UK have extended the retirement age to 69 years old in succession, while the program on postponed retirement of China hasn’t been released. With respect to the retirement age to be finally determined, the reporter has learned that the age of 65 may be the final retirement age in the program.

  • 10%


    On the morning of the 6th day, some media reports said that Le Sports has decided to lay off 20% of its employees in the whole, and 50% of employees in the Smart Hardware Department would be laid off. With respect to this, Le Sports says the so called laying off 60% or 20% employees is a kind of misreading, instead it decides to lay off 10% of its employees to “optimize” the personal structure, and the optimization percents of different departments will be different, which will be determined as their actual business conditions may be.

  • 1.5万


    Since Dec. 1, Shenzhen has duly started to accept application for rent and living subsidy for newly-introduced talents, and the new subsidy standard is: RMB 15,000 for each undergraduate, RMB 25,000 for each master, and RMB 30,000 for each doctor, which will be respectively released in a lump sum.

  • 128天


    Recently, Tianjin has formulated Provisions of Tianjin Employee Maternity Insurance, which lasts for a term of 5 years since its being implemented on Nov. 23, 2016. According to the provisions, Tianjin female employees may enjoy another 30-day maternity allowance on the basis of the maternity allowance for 98-day maternity leave, namely they can enjoy 128-day maternity allowance.

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