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#202  Dec 16, 2016    email version


Is there any legal risk in dissolving the labor contract with a female employee in pregnancy through friendly negotiations?


Our company consulted with a female employee in pregnancy about her demission, and the employee proposed and signed the reason for demission on her own. If she now applies for arbitration, is the company at risk?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部公布全国各地最低工资标准

    Minimum Wage Standard across the Country Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security


    On December 13, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Monthly Minimum Wage Standard across the Country, according to which the monthly minimum wage standard in Shanghai is ranked highest (equal to 2,190 Yuan). The second is Shenzhen’s 2,030 Yuan. In addition, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the only two regions having monthly minimum wage standard higher than 2,000 Yuan.

  • 2016年最佳雇主出炉

    2016 Best Employers


    A few days ago, zhaopin.com issued the 2016 Best Employers. In the top 30 list, 22 enterprises are domestic, among which Tencent is ranked the first, with CMBC and BMW China ranked the second and the third respectively.

  • 人社部:2017年底实现合规人员异地就医费用直接结算

    MOHRSS: Direct Settlem Cities for Compliance Personnel to be Realized by the End of 2017ent of Medical Expenses Occurring in other


    Recently, relevant leaders from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security indicated that the direct settlement of hospitalized costs of retirees in other cities or provinces shall be gradually solved from the beginning of 2017, and such direct settlement solution shall be extended to the referral of patients in conformity with provisions by the end of 2017.

  • 教育部:不准以任何方式强迫毕业生签订就业协议

    Ministry of Education: Forcing graduates to execute an employment agreement is strictly prohibited.


    The notice recently issued by the Ministry of Education explicitly illuminates the requirements for “Four Prohibition” of employment contract. It is prohibited from using any means to force graduates to execute an employment agreement or labor contract, linking the issuance of graduation certificate and degree certificate with execution, or persuading graduates to execute false agreements on the grounds of residence registration and file hosting.

  • 1/4


    According to foreign media reports, India suffered critical shortage of cash as a result of launching “cash-abolition order”, and thus had the year-on-year decline of 50% witnessed by Indian Foxconn in sales volume. Consequently, Foxconn had no choice but to let the employees rest so as to cut capacity. Currently, the factory of Foxconn in India has 8,000 employees, 1/4 of whom take paid leave for two (2) weeks.

  • 60万


    According to certain materials, the number of people suffering “overwork death” each year resulting from huge work stress in China has reached 600,000, and China becomes the largest country of “overwork death” by surpassing Japan.

  • 2055年


    As is reported, the aging in China presents three major characteristics: Rapid aging speed, many aged people in rural, many female aged people Proceeding from the aging population above 65 years old, it is estimated that the aging in China will reach the peak value in 2055, having a total number of 400 million and occupying 27.2% of the total population.

  • 90.58%


    December 12 witnessed the issuance of 2015-2016 Report on Employment and Entrepreneurship Development of Chinese College Graduates. According to such Report, the net employment rate of graduates is 90.58% with an average monthly salary of 3,869 Yuan.

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