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#203  Dec 23, 2016    email version


Where a female employee goes to work prior to the expiration of maternity leave, whether it’s required to pay extra salary to the employee?


The particularity of this case lies in that the employee went to work prior to the expiration of maternity leave, and whether the salary of normal working hours shall be paid additionally on the basis that such employee has enjoyed maternity leave.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国家职业资格目录清单公示

    Publication of the National Occupational Qualification Catalogue Released


    Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security put forward the National Occupational Qualification Catalogue. Wherein, 151 occupational qualifications were proposed, including 58 qualifications for technical professionals and 93 for skilled workers.

  • 2016最受员工欢迎的福利TOP榜出炉

    Release of the List of Most Popular Benefits Among Employees 2016


    A human resources service company recently conducted a survey on the most popular benefits among employees in 2016. According to the result, social insurance and housing provident fund are undoubtedly most welcomed by employees.

  • 北上广实施出入境新规 外籍华人受惠“专属条款”

    Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Enforcing New Entry-Exit Rules, with "Exclusive Clauses" Benefiting Overseas Chinese


    On December 9, Shanghai officially enforced the new entry-exit rules which contain two "exclusive clauses" for overseas Chinese. Prior to Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou had already implemented new entry-exit rules, including not only measures to boost innovation and entrepreneurship among overseas Chinese but also "exclusive" facilitation clauses for overseas Chinese.

  • 2017离职与调薪调研报告:员工流动加快

    Turnover and Salary Adjustment Survey Report 2017: Employee Mobility Increased

    日前,前程无忧发布《2017离职与调薪调研报告》。报告称, 2016年员工整体流动性明显上升,平均离职率为20.1%。2016年企业调薪幅度为7.2%,预计2017年企业调薪幅度还将维持小幅下降趋势,为7.0%。

    A few days ago, 51job released the Turnover and Salary Adjustment Survey Report 2017. According to the report, the overall mobility of employees increased significantly in 2016, with an average turnover rate of 20.1%. Also, the salary adjustment scale of enterprises was 7.2% in 2016, and is expected to continue the slight downward trend and maintain at 7.0% in 2017.

  • 超过1/3


    A recent survey by CareerBuilder shows that, 35% (over a third) of the surveyed say they have called in sick during the past year, slightly lower than the previous year's 38%.

  • 24.67岁


    On December 20, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security publicized the China Youth Entrepreneurship Report 2016. The report shows that young people take on their first venture at the age of 24.67 on average, while 20 to 26-year-old is the most active in entrepreneurial activities.

  • 31%


    According to a survey on 2002 female workers, 31.0% of the surveyed say they have experienced sexual harassment in workplace, 13.7% are not sure "whether what they have encountered belong to sexual harassment", while 55.3% believe they never had any trouble in this area.

  • 600万


    Following last month's exposure that yongche.com default RMB 50 million to suppliers, recently another supplier broke the news of another RMB 6 million arrears. On top of that, drivers of the company also started to complain about 50% commission by the company.

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