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#205  Jan 06, 2017    email version


What is the basis for calculating “accumulative working time”?


How to calculate “accumulative working time” in order to determine the days of paid annual leave which may be taken by an employee? What certifications are required for the calculation?​

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  • 仅九省市上调标准 最低工资调整步伐放慢

    Minimum Wage Increase only in 9 Provinces, Showing a Slow Pace of Adjustment


    Throughout 2016, 9 provinces (municipalities) in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, etc. raised their minimum wage, with an average increase of 10.7%. The number of provinces adjusting the minimum wage and minimum wage growth rate in 2016 witnessed a substantial decline as compared with those in previous years.

  • 19省下调养老保险费率

    19 Provinces Have Lowered Their Respective Endowment Insurance Rate


    It is found that at least 19 provinces have lowered their respective endowment insurance rate and some regions have lowered their rate undertaken by individuals. Many regions have made it clear that after the lowering of the insurance rate, various social insurance benefits for the insured remain unchanged.

  • 曝联通2016年终奖取消

    Suspected Cancellation of Year-end Bonus 2016 by China Unicom


    According to a notice from China Unicom, it is suspected that the year-end bonus 2016 will not be granted by China Unicom from the Group through the branches at all provinces and cities. Only the normal and associated wage will be granted for December 2016. It seems that no performance incentive bonus will be given either.

  • 上海:明年起职工医保个人账户可购买商业保险

    Shanghai: The Balance of Personal Account of Medical Insurance of Employees may be Used to Take Out Commercial Insurance Next Year


    According to a notice released by Shanghai Municipal Government a few days ago, the individuals who benefit from the basic medical insurance for employees of Shanghai municipality may use the balance of their respective personal account available from previous years to take out the commercial health insurance as from January 1, 2017.

  • 69.72%


    According to a report, 69.72% persons will choose job hopping at the end of a year, for which the most important reason is that “their career has entered a bottleneck period and they can’t stand anymore”.

  • 35岁


    According to the latest Policy on Talent Introduction 2017 recently published by Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the full-time junior college graduates at 35 years or below and the full-time undergraduates at 45 years or below may be directly registered and obtain a residence permit in Shenzhen.

  • 2.33


    Zhaopin.com has released the White-collar Satisfaction Index 2016, showing that job satisfaction and comprehensive satisfaction index of white-collar in China in 2016 was respectively 2.33 and 2.34, a “poor” grade based on the maximum score of 5.

  • 3倍


    It is reported that Foxconn, as the OEM of iPhone, has initiated the overtime arrangement by increasing the wage during the Chinese Spring Festival, i.e., anyone who desires to work during the Chinese Spring Festival (the first day of the lunar new year falls on January 28, 2017) will be entitled to three times his wage.

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