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#206  Jan 13, 2017    email version


Can a company delay the issue of year-end bonuses for tax avoidance purpose?


​I hereby would like to ask whether the action of our company is lawful.​

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 职称制度30年来首次大改革

    The first great reform of professional title system in the past three decades


    The professional title system already implemented for three decades eventually witnesses great reform. Recently, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council have printed and issued the Opinion on the Reform of Professional Title System, which proposes a series of ground-breaking reform measures oriented at morality, capacity and performance.

  • 多领域十三五规划出台

    Launch the 13th Five Year Plans in multiple fields


    Recently, several specific 13th Five Year Plans concerning hygiene, tourism and education have been densely launched. According to the Plan, in future years, the salary of medical staff will be improved, more employees are available to paid leave and rural teachers have their material amenities improved.

  • 北京:取消招聘会行政许可

    Beijing: Cancel the administrative licensing of job fair


    According to the notice issued by Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Beijing will cancel the administrative licensing of talent recruitment fairs and career fairs.

  • 浙江:医保个人账户可“家庭共济”

    Zhejiang: Private medical insurance account can be used by all the family members


    Recently, Zhejiang Province Human Resources and Social Security Department has announced the revitalization policy of private medical insurance account, and defined that the capital in the individual account can be applied to pay the health care fee caused by the insured’s spouse, children and parents.

  • 80%


    The National Control Program of Occupational Diseases issued by the State Council recently indicates that, as at 2020, the coverage rate that laborers participate in the work-related injury insurance according to law will reach 80% or higher, gradually realizing the effective connection between work-related injury insurance and basic medical insurance, critical illness insurance and commercial insurance, and earnestly alleviate the burden of patients suffering occupational diseases.

  • 3000人


    According to foreign media reports, ZTE plans to lay off 3000 employees approximately, among which the department of domestic mobile phone business suffering blocked development will witness the redundancy of near 20% of employees.

  • 69%


    The latest report shows that, the demission and loss of employees is closely related to the protection of enterprise data. Among all the enterprises accepting investigation, 69% of them once suffered data loss, all relating to separated employees.

  • 65.5%


    According to a recent investigation performed against 2000 employees, 64.6% of interviewees bear the intention of job-hopping. 65.5% of interviewees deem job-hopping as an effective method for salary increase.

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