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#207  Jan 20, 2017    email version


Can the company specify in the Employment Separation Certificate that the reason for an employee's dismissal is serious disciplinary violation?


In addition to sending the notice of labor contract termination, can the company specify in the Employment Separation Certificate that the reason for dismissal is the employee's serious disciplinary violation?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:部分职业资格取消前取得的证书仍有效

    MOHRSS: certificates of certain professional qualifications obtained prior to the cancellation of accreditation are still effective


    The MOHRSS recently has issued Reform Proposal on Further Decrease and Standardization of Matters concerning Professional Qualification Permit and Accreditation. According to the proposal, the certificates of professional qualification obtained prior to the cancellation of the permit and accreditation may still be used as certifications of competence and ability.

  • 三部门:优秀外籍高校毕业生可在华就业

    Three departments: excellent foreign graduates from Chinese colleges and universities may work in China


    Recently, the MOHRSS, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education have issued a notice jointly to permit excellent foreign graduates from Chinese colleges and universities to work in China, and eligible foreign students and graduates from overseas colleges and universities may apply for foreigner employment licenses and foreigner employment permits.

  • 北京:企业不上社保将被曝光

    Beijing: enterprises which do not pay social insurance premiums may be exposed


    According to the notice of Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, as of this year, the bureau will make public 12 kinds of significant violations against laws on labor security regularly and bring the same to credit supervision system of the city. Meanwhile, the bureau will carry out grade evaluation with respect to honesty of obeying the laws on labor security, and based on the evaluation results, carry out labor supervision and law enforcement inspection by classification.

  • 上海:建议30天延长生育假调整为父母共享

    Shanghai: it is suggested that the extended 30-day maternity leave be shared by the parents


    On Jan. 12, Shanghai Women's Federation suggested, “the extended 30-day maternity leave on the basis of the existing 15-day paternity leave shall be shared by the parents.”

  • 6成


    Over 60% of the respondents will “not have the luck” to get any year-end bonus, according to a survey participated in by over 200,000 people. Meanwhile, 59% of people interviewed hold the opinion that the expenditures on maintaining social relationships will account for the largest share in their total expenditures during the Spring Festival.

  • 2亿


    The results of a report published on Jan. 13 by International Labor Organization show that the population of the unemployed throughout the world will reach 200 million in 2017, hitting all-time highs, and stagnant wages will also be witnessed.

  • 70.4%


    The latest survey shows that 70.4% of workers interviewed are satisfied with their work in 2016, and they are most satisfied with interpersonal relationships (74.9%) and work environment (72.7%).

  • 32.1万亿美元


    According to the estimation made by U.S. Social Security Administration, in case all future liabilities of social security rather than the liabilities in the future 75 years are counted in, the financing gap in social security fund of America will reach USD 32.1 trillion as of 2090.

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