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#209  Feb 17, 2017    email version


Subsequent to the discharge of a labor contract via negotiation, whether the employee recover labor relation on the grounds of becoming pregnant?


Now, she requires to recover the labor relation and to enjoy the treatment of “pregnancy, confinement and nursing period”. Does such request have any legal basis?

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  • 我国计划延长生育假、配偶陪产假

    China plans to extend birth leave and paternity leave


    Recently, the NHFPC has released on its website Planning on the Development of National Family Planning Cause during the “13th Five-year Plan” Period, which requires promoting the implementation of regulations on maternity leave and breastfeeding leave, and guaranteeing the rewarded leave such as extended birth leave and paternity leave.

  • 上海:企业减缴公积金需职代会审议

    Shanghai: deliberation by workers' congress is required in case any enterprise intends to reduce the payment of provident fund


    New regulations of Shanghai on the withdrawal of housing provident fund have been implemented recently. According to the new regulations, the application (if any) for reducing the payment ratio or payment of housing provident fund made by any employer shall be approved by its workers' congress or labor union, and then submitted to the municipal provident fund center.

  • 广东:科研人员可保留人事关系离岗创业

    Guangdong: researchers may leave their offices to start up business, with their personnel administrative relations reserved


    According to the document released by Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, researchers of colleges and universities as well as scientific research institutes may leave their offices to start up business, with their personnel administrative relations reserved, upon making written application, obtaining consent from their employers, and being approved subject to the authorities for the personal relation administration of cadres.

  • 江苏:女性可休“痛经假” 怀孕可享工间休

    Jiangsu: female employees may take “dysmenorrhea leave”, and pregnant employees may have rest time during work


    According to Special Rules of Jiangsu Province on the Labor Protection of Female Employees released by Jiangsu Province on this 8th day, no employer may reduce wage and treatment of and dissolve the labor contract with any pregnant employee; Any female employee who cannot go on working for dysmenorrheal may take 1-day leave for statutory reasons; Any employee may demand 1-hour or longer rest time during work each day before her pregnancy reaches 3 full months.

  • 6万元


    According to Career Development Report of China HR Practitioners released by LinkedIn, the entry threshold of HR sector is relatively low, as only 19% of practitioners have received professional training thereon; 44.6% of practitioners earn annual salaries less than RMB 90,000 Yuan, and practitioners earning annual salary less than RMB 60,000 Yuan among such practitioners make up the largest part, accounting for 23.1%.

  • 1/24


    The latest survey shows that 24 job seekers on average compete for a post in the job markets nationwide in the first week after the Spring Festival,the average remuneration offered in recruitment by 34 major cities is RMB 7,754 Yuan before tax.

  • 1000万欧


    Reported by German media recently, the board of supervisors of Volkswagen will reform the regulations on salaries for executive officers, and it is expected that the future annual salary of the chairman of Volkswagen will be not more than EUR 10 million, and annual salaries of members of the board will be controlled at a relatively low level.

  • 24%


    24% of America scientific and technical workers suffer discrimination in work due to their race, gender, age, religion or sexual preference, according to the recent results released by a foreign recruitment search service website.

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