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#211  Mar 03, 2017    email version

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:生育险与医保合并 并非“五险变四险”

    MOHRSS: It is not the case that “five insurances are reduced to four insurances” upon the incorporation of maternity insurance and medical insurance


    Recently, MOHRSS has stressed that the incorporation of two insurances is not simply the incorporation of maternity insurance into medical insurance, but the reservation of their respective functions for the purpose of realizing integrated operation management, with respect to the conjecture of some media and the public that the incorporation of maternity insurance and medial insurance is “reduction of five insurances to four insurances”.

  • 新版医保目录时隔八年落地

    New medicine catalogue of medical insurance was finally released after a lapse of eight years


    The MOHRSS has released the new Medicine Catalogue of National Basic Medical Insurance, Work-related Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance (Version in 2017) recently. Compared with the Version in 2009, the new medicine catalogue is added with another 339 kinds of Western medicine and Chinese patent medicine, having 2,535 kinds of medicine in total. In addition, 45 kinds of medicines to be negotiated are added into the new medicine catalogue.

  • 研究:高级经理离职将影响员工工作效率

    Studies: Demission of senior managers will affect the work efficiency of employees affiliated thereto


    Demission of senior managers will have a great shock on the work efficiency of employees affiliated thereto, according to a latest study. Both employees and CFOs deem that the vacancy of the post of senior manager will produce adverse impacts on the work efficiency of the team affiliated thereto.

  • 华为或启动裁员

    Huawei may start layoffs


    It is reported that Huawei may start layoffs. An internal e-mail of Huawei stresses that Huawei is being faced with the huge pressure from improving profits, and with respect to that, an executive officer of Huawei said its flagship smartphone business failed to achieve the profit goal set by Huawei.

  • 65.3%


    Around 80% of white-collar workers are joining in the line of people seeking new jobs, among which, 11.7% of white-collar workers are transacting formalities concerning demission/entry, and 65.3% of white-collar workers therein have updated their resumes, and are seeking jobs, according to a survey report made by zhaopin.com.

  • 3325万


    In accordance with the data released by NBS on Jan. 2017, the working-age population aged 16-60 as at the end of 2016 has been decreased by about 33.25 million compared with that as at the end of 2011.

  • 4500万


    Subject to official estimation, the number of total employees engaged by foreign invested enterprises exceeds 45.00 million, and as the withdrawal of foreign investment, the livelihood of such huge number of people will be affected.

  • 35.11%


    Liepin.com has released a Survey Report on the Rescue of “Prisoners” in Workplaces recently. According to the report, more than 40% of respondents deem that there are 1-3 “prisoners” in workplaces around them, and 35.11% of people think that it is easy for employees making no attempt to make progress and drifting along to become “prisoners” in workplaces.

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