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#212  Mar 10, 2017    email version


Under what circumstances should the employer pay economic compensation to its employee, though the employee resigns his/her post on his/her own initiative?


The focus of this case lies in whether the employer should pay economic compensation to Wang who resigned on his/her own initiative due to the employer’s reason.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 李克强:再减企业税负3500亿元

    Premier Li Keqiang: Second Reduction of Enterprise Tax Burden Equivalent to 350 Billion Yuan


    On March 5, Premier Li Keqiang, in the Government Work Report, highlighted that, this year, the enterprise tax burden of 350 billion Yuan and enterprise-related charging of 200 billion Yuan will be reduced; the basic pension for retirees will be continuously raised, whose timely issuance in full amount be guaranteed; the expenses of hospitalization in other places will be directly settled.

  • 财政部:个税改革正在研究、设计和论证中

    Ministry of Finance: The reform of individual income tax is now under research, design and demonstration.


    According to the information from the Ministry of Finance, the reform of individual income tax is under research, design and demonstration at present. The reform proceeds from such consideration that some income items, such as salary, labor remuneration and remuneration for contributions, shall be summarized and have taxes paid on an annual basis.

  • 外媒:中国制造业正控制工资上涨

    Foreign media: The manufacturing industry in China controls the rise in wages.


    According to foreign media reports, due to the rapid rise in the past decade, the average wage in the Chinese manufacturing industry has exceeded those in some Latin American countries as Brazil and Mexico. Therefore, the manufacturing industry in China restrains the rise in wages.

  • 财政部:取消会计从业资格

    Ministry of Finance: Cancel the accounting qualification


    Recently, the Ministry of Finance has suggested to cancel the accounting qualification. Despite the cancellation of accounting qualification, the accounting qualification certificate already obtained can be used to prove ability level.

  • 81%


    According to the “Investigation Report of Chinese Female Workplace in 2017” issued by Zhaopin.com, over 80% of female workers hold that there exists gender discrimination in employment, among which 22% of female workers point out the existence of serious gender discrimination, and 59% the general gender discrimination.

  • 1.5-2万


    The latest investigation report indicates that, those white-collar workers having a monthly salary of RMB 15,000-20,000 are most confident. The white-collar workers in emerging first-tier cities are more confident, while white-collar workers born after 90s are the most distrustful group.

  • 35%

    领英近日发布的大数据显示, 2016年创业的职场人比2015年减少了35%,相对前两年的“双创”热潮之初,创业者的心态更趋于理智和平静。

    The big data issued by LinkedIn recently indicates that, in 2016, the number of entrepreneurs decreased by 35% compared with that in 2015. Compared with the upsurge of “entrepreneurship and innovation” in the last two years, the mentality of entrepreneurs tends to be more reasonable and calm.

  • 57%


    According to the latest investigation report of global female leadership, 74% of females holding the post of junior manager or middle manager long for a position of senior manager or executive leader. However, among such females as already holding the post of senior manager or higher position in almost all the countries, only 57% of them witness the ambition of pursuing for a higher position.

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