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#213  Mar 17, 2017    email version


Whether the failure to return to duty upon expiration of vacation shall be deemed as absenteeism?


Our Company hereby seeks expert’s advice on whether the foregoing opinion held by our Company is established?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:5年内完成职称制度改革

    MOHRSS: The reform on professional title system will be completed within five (5) years.


    On the picture-phone meeting convened by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on March 10 with the theme of deepening the reform on professional title system, the goal of completing all the reform tasks of professional title system within five (5) years was proposed.

  • 人社部:确保今年1100万人 就业任务完成

    MOHRSS: Fulfil the task of having 11 million people employed this year.


    On March 8, Yin Weimin, the Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security indicated that, in 2017, more than 15 million jobs shall be created for urban population. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will complete the task of having 11 million people employed this year from five aspects.

  • 报告:全球大部分男性与女性更希望妇女从事有偿工作

    Report: paid work performed by women is expected by most people globally, both the male and the female.


    According to the first report oriented at people’s attitudes towards women’s work issued by the International Labor Organization recently, globally, 70% of the female and 66% of the male hold that women shall engage in paid work.

  • 全球首例!冰岛将立法要求企业证明薪资平等

    First Case Globally! Iceland will request enterprises to prove wage equality via legislation.


    It is reported that, the government of Iceland will submit a proposal to the Congress in March, according to which any employer having employees over 25 people must prove wage equivalent for equal value, in spite of gender, race, aptitude or nationality. Correspondingly, Iceland will turn into the first country compulsorily requesting public departments and private enterprises to offer wage equality to employees.

  • 42%


    A recent investigation shows that, 42% of employees are willing to have their salary decreasing by 10%, provided that the working hours are more flexible.

  • 87家


    The separation tide of senior executives will be staged at A-share listed companies. According to the statistics, in March, as at 18:00 of March 8, 87 A-share listed companies had issued an announcement on separation of senior executives. Therein: the chairman of multiple companies such as Tongda Power Technology, Dagang and Huaxia Bank left office.

  • 47.27%


    On March 8, Liepin.com issued the Investigation Report on Female Bosses Favored by Employees. The Report indicates that, 30.29% of employees have preference for “amiable female bosses”, while 42.27% of employees hold that female bosses prefer male employees.

  • 1元


    It is investigated that, quite a few senior managers in China once declared their “annual salary of one Yuan”, including Jia Yueting, the founder of Letv and Liu Qiangdong, the founder of Jingdong. According to sources, that they do so lies in the sound expectation for future performance, thus to deliver market confidence. However, some people do so to avoid taxes.

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