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#216  Apr 07, 2017    email version

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 残保金设置征收上限

    Upper Limit Set on the Collection of Employment Security Fund for the Disabled


    According to the notice issued by the Ministry of Finance, from April 1, the exemption scope of employment security fund for the disabled shall be enlarged, and upper limit set on the collection standard of employment security fund for the disabled.

  • 深圳:公布今年最低工资标准

    Shenzhen: Publicity of the Minimum Wage Standard This Year


    On March 31, the minimum wage standard of 2017 was published by Shenzhen Municipality: The minimum wage standard of full-time employees is RMB 2,130 Yuan per month, and that of part-time employees being RMB 19.5 Yuan per hour. The new standard will be implemented as of June 1, 2017.

  • 上海:最低工资再上调

    Shanghai: Further Increase of the Minimum Wage


    From April 1, the minimum wage standard of Shanghai shall be adjusted to RMB 2,300.00 Yuan from RMB 2,190.00 Yuan, and the minimum wage standard per hour rising to RMB 20 Yuan from RMB 19.00 Yuan.

  • 上海:2017年社保缴费基数上下限确定

    Shanghai: Determination of the Upper and Lower Limits of 2017 Social Security Base


    The 2017 social security base of employees in Shanghai shall be adjusted from April 1, having the upper social security base and the lower one adjusted to RMB 19,512.00 Yuan and RMB 3,902.00 Yuan respectively.

  • 60万元


    Huawei issued its 2016 annual report on March 31. According to the annual report, last year, the labor costs paid by Huawei to its employees amounted to RMB 94.179 billion Yuan. As mentioned in the annual report, there are currently about 180,000 employees in Huawei. On this basis, the average annual wage of Huawei’s employees is about RMB 600,000.00 per capita. Compared with 2015, the average wage of Huawei’s employees in 2016 rised about 13.6%.

  • 15795元


    The 2017 social security base applicable for employers and employees in Tianjin shall be adjusted from April 1, having the minimum and the maximum social security base being RMB 3,159.00 and RMB 15,795.00 respectively.

  • 1680元


    Recently, the minimum wage standard in Shaanxi province has been adjusted. Upon such adjustment, the minimum wage standard in Class-I wage zone shall be RMB 1,680 Yuan per month, to be implemented as of May 1, 2017.

  • 20天


    Recently, the resolution on the Amendment to the Regulations on Population and Family Planning in Hunan Province had been adopted, according to which the nursing leave enjoyed by male employees is twenty (20) days, adjusted from the original fifteen (15) days, and that available for the female remains 158 days as mentioned in the draft.

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