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#218  Apr 21, 2017    email version


Analysis of the Determination of Absenteeism under Flexible Working Hours Arrangement and its Reasonableness (Part I)


Whether attendance checking is necessary for the employees of flexible working hours arrangement, how to determine absenteeism and whether the working time in excess of the standard working hours constitutes overtime. These issues will be focused on in the following discussion.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:清理涉企保证金并公布清单

    The State Council: Sort out enterprise-related performance bonds and publish the list thereof


    The State Council has printed and issued a notice, requiring further sorting out and cancelling enterprise-related performance bonds without support from laws or administrative regulations or established without approval of the State Council, and establishment of the list thereof. It is also required to comb enterprise-related performance bonds established by departments of the Central Government and publish the list at proper time.

  • 《广东省劳动人事争议处理办法》发布

    Measures of Guangdong Province for Solving Labor and Personal Disputes have been promulgated


    Recently, Guangdong Provincial People’s Government has promulgated on its website Measures of Guangdong Province for Solving Labor and Personal Disputes, which have made detailed provisions on prevention and mediation as well as arbitration of labor and personal disputes. Measures will be implemented as of May 1, 2017

  • 京东总部幼儿园正式开张:员工子女入学免费

    Kindergarten at headquarters of Jingdong has been opened officially: It is free for preschool children of its employees to study in the kindergarten


    It is reported that kindergarten at headquarters of Jingdong has been opened officially, it is free for preschool children of its employees to study in the kindergarten, and infant & mom products provided to children are also for free. Jingdong has also kindly arranged teachers having accepted advanced course training for children.

  • 外国人永久居留证将更名 新增机读核验功能

    Measures of Guangdong Province for Solving Labor and Personal Disputes have been promulgated


    Recently, the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China has printed and issued the Program on Facilitation Reform of Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card. According to the Program, Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card will be renamed as Foreigner's Permanent Residence ID Card, and new function of machine-readable verification is added.

  • 5.5%


    MOHRSS and MOF have issued the notice officially that in 2017, they will further increase basic pension of the retired from enterprises and public institutions and expect to upward regulate it by around 5.5%.

  • 2600万


    With respect to the case that Mr. Guan involved in China Minsheng Bank harassment scandal claims for compensation about RMB 26 million from China Minsheng Bank (economic compensation: RMB 2,289,730.52 and various bonuses: RMB 24,033,400.00), Beijing Xicheng District Labor and Personal Dispute Arbitration Commission will hold a hearing to try the case some days later.

  • 10天


    Recently, Measures of Hubei Province on Implementation of Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (revised draft) have been submitted for deliberation. According to the Measures, it is expected that each only child will have 10-day leave for taking care of his/her parents, and Sep. in the lunar calendar may be set as Hubei Province’s month for publicizing respecting the aged.

  • 55万元


    According to statistics made by iFinD, average salary of senior executives of top 3 telecom operators in 2016 is RMB 550,000. Therein, chairman Yang Jie of China Telecom is ranked 1st among managers of top 3 operators by virtue of remuneration of RMB 1,153,000 million.

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