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#219  Apr 28, 2017    email version

不定时工作制旷工认定及其合理性探讨 (下)

Analysis of the Determination of Absenteeism under Flexible Working Hours Arrangement and its Reasonableness(Part II)


This issue will focus on how to determine absenteeism as to employees of flexible working hours arrangement and whether the working time in excess of the standard working hours constitutes overtime.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 两部门:统一职工养老保险个人账户记账利率

    MOHRSS and MOF: Unify accounting interest rate for personal account of employee’s endowment insurance


    Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) promulgated the Measures on Unifying and Standardizing the Accounting Interest Rate for Personal Account of Employee’s Endowment Insurance, stating to unify accounting interest rate for personal account of employee’s endowment insurance within government organs, public institutions, and enterprises. The rate will be released uniformly by the state per annum.

  • 北京发布《关于审理劳动争议案件法律适用问题的解答》

    Beijing releases the Answers to Several Questions Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Labor Dispute Cases


    On April 24, Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court and Beijing Municipal Arbitration Commission for Labor and Personnel Disputes jointly released the Answers to Several Questions Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Labor Dispute Cases, to further unify judgment and enforcement standards of labor dispute cases.

  • 深圳有望取消“人力资源服务许可证”审批

    Approval procedures on "human resources service permit” are expected to be canceled in Shenzhen.


    Recently, the Regulations on the Personnel Work of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Draft) starts to solicit public opinions and will become legislation upon being approved by the local people's congress. The cancellation of approval procedures on "human resources service permit", which has been communicated and discussed with the human resources and social security department, was officially included in the opinion-solicitation draft.

  • 江苏:“痛经假”或延长至2天

    Jiangsu: Jiangsu: Dysmenorrhea leave may extend to 2 days


    The Legislative Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial Government started to solicit public opinions for the Regulations of Jiangsu on the Special Labor Protection of Female Employees (Draft) (second draft for solicitation of public opinions) on April 24. The draft expressly states that female employees may take one to two days off due to menstrual cramps. Meanwhile, employers with conditions may give out sanitary supplies or provide subsidies each month.

  • 10省份


    According to the incomplete statistics of reporters, at least 10 provinces have rolled out policies to lower the unemployment insurance rate from 1.5% to 1%. Officials stress that the reduction of the rate will not affect the distribution and gradual increase of unemployment insurance payments.

  • 27.5%


    According to a questionnaire conducted for 2,690 office elites (with tenure of more than 2 years and monthly salary over RMB 10,000) regarding office romance, nearly a third (27.5%) said that they had experienced office romance, with nearly half being dismissed by the company.

  • 2013名


    On April 24, ZTE released an announcement, stating that the company planned to implement the stock option incentive program 2017. The program intends to reward 2013 employees, involving about 150 million shares of stock options.

  • 13亿


    On April 17, Zhou Hang, founder of yongche.com, stated that the company was indeed facing problems with its capital chain, which can be attributable to the misappropriation of its RMB 1.3 billion funds by Letv. For this, Letv said that it had never misappropriated any funds of the company. Right now, both sides are telling their own stories.

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