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#221  May 12, 2017    email version


Could the employment of a foreigner holding the Expatriates’ Work Permit constitute an illegal employment?


She just could not understand why his employment would be illegal?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 财政部:商业健康保险个税试点7月1日起全国实施

    Ministry of Finance: Individual income tax deduction program based on commercial health insurance is to be put into trial operation throughout the country as of July 1


    Pursuant to a notice jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, and China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently, the individual income tax deduction policy based on commercial health insurance will be put into trial operation throughout the country as of July 1 of this year. According to the notice, the expenses paid by an individual for purchase of specified commercial health insurance products may be deducted from his individual income when calculating the taxable income in the month (or year), provided that such deduction will not exceed RMB 2,400 per year (i.e. RMB 200 per month). The expenses paid by the employer for purchase of specified commercial health insurance products for the employee should be included into the employee’s personal salaries, and may be deducted from the employee’s income subject to the abovementioned limit. The tax deductions based on purchase of specified commercial health insurance products, the upper limit of which is RMB 2,400 per year (i.e. RMB 200 per month), are in addition to those deductions provided under the Individual Income Tax Law of the PRC.

  • 今年养老金上调开始落地 上海已率先发放到位

    Increase in old-age pension starts to be implemented this year, Shanghai administers the payment first


    Increase in old-age pension starts to be implemented this year. Shanghai has been the first to publish the old-age pension adjustment scheme and administered the payment on May 5.

  • 360通报内部反腐 涉案外包人员获刑

    360 issues notification stating that internal outsourcing employee involved in corruption case has been convicted of crime


    In the notification issued to all employees on January 19, 360 stated that XX Zhao, an outsourcing employee from the customer service for hardware, obtained illegal gains using his position and that the company decided to refer the case to the judicial department to hold him liable for such act. Recently, XX Zhao has been sentenced to 9 months in prison and a fine equal to RMB 5,000.

  • "老干妈"重大商业机密遭窃取 嫌疑人已被刑拘

    Criminal suspect involved in the theft of material trade secrets of Laoganma is detained


    It is reported that a former employee divulging material trade secrets of Laoganma has been detained. It is said that the employee entered into a Non-competition and Non-disclosure Agreement with Laoganma when working in the company.

  • 30%


    Relevant leaders from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently disclose that the problem “retirement before aging” is serious and in some regions, the early retirement in a year accounts for 30% of the retiring people of the year.

  • 15天至30天


    Recent report from the National Health and Family Planning Commission indicates that 29 provinces (including autonomous regions and municipalities) have amended their local population and family planning regulations. In addition to the maternity leave provided under the Special Rules on Labor Protection for Female Employees, which lasts for 98 days, locally amended population and family planning regulations provide for birth award leave or extension of exiting maternity leave, as a result of which the maternity leave will generally reach 138 ~ 158 days. Furthermore, amended regulations provide for paternity leave for female employees, which generally lasts for 15 ~ 30 days.

  • 900元


    2017 Employment Report on Fresh Graduates recently issued shows that the starting salaries received by fresh graduates this year are RMB 4,300 and RMB 900 less than the expected salaries, which are RMB 5,200.

  • 78.1%


    78.1% of the interviewers in a recent survey said that “sexual separation” existed in some occupations, and the case is particularly common for nurses (53.4%) and kindergarten teachers (53.2%).

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