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#222  May 19, 2017    email version


Analysis of the Legal Relationship between E-hailing Cab


To determine whether there is an employment relationship between the E-hailing platform and the drivers, the entity qualification as an employer, entity qualification as an employee, and the subordinate relationship between two parties shall be analyzed respectively.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 曝优酷腾讯员工打架 官微互发申明引热议

    It is exposed that the statement by the official micro-blog of Youku and that of Tencent for the fight between their employees has aroused heated debates


    At an evening party of video industry held on May 10, employees of Tencent clashed with and injured employees of Youku on the site. Later on, the official micro-blog of Youku and that of Tencent issued a statement respectively, which has aroused heated debates.

  • ofo员工爆料内部大范围贪腐

    Mass corruption exists in ofo as disclosed by its employees


    Recently, an ex-staff of ofo disclosed that corruption is very serious from the top to the bottom in ofo. Subsequently, an anonymous user claimed that, the operation authority of ofo’s basic staff is large as regional managers are responsible for employment and payroll payment. It is available to collect RMB 20,000-30,000 additionally each month by reporting the quota of 5-6 mechanics more.

  • 《广州劳动争议诉讼情况白皮书》(2014-2016)发布

    Issuance of the Guangzhou Labor Dispute Litigation White Paper (2014-2016)


    On the morning of May 10, Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court held a press conference to publish the issuance of the Guangzhou Labor Dispute Litigation White Paper (2014-2016) as well as typical cases of labor disputes. According to the White Paper, the total number of labor dispute cases increases year by year.

  • 上海2017年度各类人群社保缴费比例标准公布

    Publicity of 2017 Social Security Contribution Proportion for Different Groups in Shanghai


    On May 11, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued the standard of 2017 social security contribution proportion for different groups in Shanghai, among which the unit rate of medical insurance witnessed the down-regulation of 0.5%, namely decreasing from 10% to 9.5%, and is to be implemented since Jan. 1, 2017; the unit rate of unemployment insurance witnessed the down-regulation of 0.5%, namely decreasing from 1% to 0.5%, having the implementation period from Jan. 1, 2017 to Apr. 30, 2018.

  • 70%


    In the latest survey concerning “influence of domestic violence on Chinese working places”, more than 70% of people who suffer violence indicate that, they fail to focus on work, have image damaged, commit absenteeism frequently, or be forced to change work. It can be concluded that domestic violence has exerted adverse influence on their career advancement.

  • 85%


    According to the 2017 Investigation Report on the Living Status of Working Moms issued by Zhaopin, 85% of working moms consider job-hopping after giving birth due to the alteration in job choice view. In other words, they attach more attention to income before giving birth, and then give priority to the home distance thereafter.

  • 8%


    According to the Employee Engagement Report issued by Beisen recently, from 2012 to 2015, the employee engagement of Chinese enterprises’ staff maintained modest increase, while in 2016, the employee engagement suffered a obvious decline up to 8%. It was the first time that the employee engagement declined in the past five (5) years.

  • 300名


    Recently, it is exposed that Coolpad will dismiss about 300 fresh graduates who have executed a labor contract with Coolpad, which has been confirmed by the authority of Coolpad. However, the quantity is other than accurate. It is revealed that, Coolpad will adopt paid rescission for those fresh graduates, namely RMB 3,000.00 for each undergraduate and RMB 4,000.00 for each postgraduate.

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