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#223  May 26, 2017    email version


Must our company pay social insurance for expatriate employees?


She want to confirm that whether the labor contract between the employee and our company remains in force? Whether the company must pay social insurance for the employee?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:失业险参保者符合条件可申领技能提升补贴

    MOHRSS: The insured under unemployment insurance program may apply for skill improvement subsidy if he or she satisfies certain conditions


    According to the notice recently issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, an employee may apply for skill improvement subsidy if he or she: (1) has participated in and made contributions to unemployment insurance program according to law for accumulative thirty-six (36) months or above; (2) has obtained Primary (Grade V), Intermediate (Grade IV) or Senior (Grade III) Professional Qualification Certificate or Professional Skill Level Certificate as from Jan. 1, 2017.

  • 我国与西班牙签署双边社会保障协定

    China signed a Bilateral Social Security Agreement with Spain


    May 19, 2017 - China signed with Spain a Social Security Agreement between the People’s Republic of China and the Kingdom of Spain. So far, the Chinese government has signed Bilateral Social Security Agreements with Germany, Korea, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Switzerland, Holland, France and Spain.

  • 美团招聘被指地域歧视

    The employment of meituan.com involves geographical discrimination


    It is reported that the employment of meituan.com involves geographical discrimination. According to the screenshot of chat details about employment conditions of meituan.com circulated via the Internet, meituan.com imposes strict conditions on the applicant for product operator’s position, covering: The applicant’s resume should be neat and beautiful; the applicant should not be a postgraduate or doctoral student; the applicant’s car should not be purchased from Volkswagen AG; the applicant should not believe in traditional Chinese medicine; the applicant should not be from Yellow River flooding area and the northeast China.

  • 浙江:禁止合同中约定限制生育

    Zhejiang: No provision regarding birth control should be included into the contracts


    The Measures of Zhejiang Province for Labor Protection of Female Workers recently promulgated by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province provide that an employer shall not incorporate into a Labor Contract or Employment Contract any provision regarding marriage control, birth control or maternity leave reduction agreed upon with a female worker that will prejudice legitimate rights and interests of such female worker.

  • 73%


    According to White Book of China’s Study Abroad 2017 issued recently, 73% of students studying abroad will return to homeland to seek for an employment upon graduation. Besides, over 80% of overseas returnees consider that they don’t do what they have learnt, resulting in low job satisfaction.

  • 43%


    According to the latest survey data, 43% of the interviewees from first-tier cities are dissatisfied with their salaries and consider that they are not properly compensated for their respective capability and contribution.

  • 35℃


    According to the Notice on Doing Well in Heatstroke Prevention Measures 2017 recently issued by the State Administration of Work Safety, neither pregnant female workers nor underage workers shall be arranged to engage in outdoor operations if the temperature is 35℃ or above or conduct operations within the working environment at temperature of 33℃ or above.

  • 1700元


    A Notice recently issued by Fujian province provides that, the minimum wage standard in Fujian province will be adjusted as from Jul. 2017. The adjusted minimum monthly wage of Fujian province will be RMB 1,700, RMB 1,650, RMB 1,500, RMB 1,380 and RMB 1,280 respectively; the minimum hourly wage for part-time employees will be RMB 18, RMB 17.5, RMB 16.0, RMB 14.6 and RMB 13.6 respectively.

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