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#224  Jun 02, 2017    email version


Can the company dissolve the contract with its employee who is pregnant after her absenteeism?


I want to know if there is any problem about dissolving the labor contract with her like this. Or what are the key points we should pay attention to?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:发布《劳动人事争议仲裁办案规则》

    MOHRSS: Issuance of Rules for Handling Arbitration Cases about Employment and Personnel Disputes


    Recently, MOHRSS released a notice, announcing that Rules for Handling Arbitration Cases about Employment and Personnel Disputes have been adopted, through deliberation, at the 123rd affairs meeting of MOHRSS dated Apr. 24, 2017, and are hereby announced. The Rules should enter into force as from July 1, 2017.

  • 国务院:决定设立国家职业资格目录

    The State Council: Decided to Make a National Occupational Qualification Catalogue


    On May 24, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presided over an executive meeting of the State Council, in which he decided to make a national occupational qualification catalogue, so as to lower threshold of employment and entrepreneurship, and upgrade professional level.

  • 北京:2016年北京市职工月平均工资公布

    Beijing: Average Monthly Wage of Staff and Workers in Beijing in 2016 was announced


    On May 27, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released data, showing that the average yearly wage of staff and workers in Beijing in 2016 is RMB 92,477, and the average monthly wage is RMB 7,706, which respectively increase by RMB 7,439 and RMB 620 compared with those of 2015.

  • 山东:6月1日起调整最低工资标准

    Shandong: Minimum Wage Standard will be Adjusted as of June 1.


    Shandong Province plans to implement the new minimum wage standard as of Jun. 1. The new standard is divided into three levels: the minimum monthly wage will be RMB 1,810, RMB 1,640 and RMB 1,470 respectively; the minimum hourly wage will be RMB 18,1 RMB 16.4 and RMB 14.7 respectively.

  • 122478元


    On May 30, National Bureau of Statistics of the P.R.C. released the major data about average wage of 2016. The data shows that it’s the first time for the average wage of information transmission software and information technology service sector to be ranked the first place by virtue of RMB 122,478 per capita in 2016, followed by the finance sector.

  • 400万亿美元


    In about 30 years in the future, the prolonged life cycle of human beings and disappointing income from investments will cause a gap of old-age pension in the world, totaling USD 400 trillion, according to a report from WEF.

  • 0.5天


    On May 23, Regulations of Hebei Province for Rights and Interests Protection of Women and Children (Draft) were submitted for deliberation, and it is proposed in the Regulations (Draft) that women will be entitled to take half day’s leave on International Working Women's Day (Mar. 8).

  • 30元


    On May 25, Special Provisions on Labor Protection of Female Staff and Workers in Jiangxi Province were officially released, and will be implement ted as of July 1, 2017. According to the Provisions, any employer shall grant nursing fee or nursing products for menstrual period at the standard not lower than RMB 30 per month for each in-service female employee.

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