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#227  Jun 23, 2017    email version

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 滴滴:有孩子和孕期女员工可每周一天在家办公

    Didi: Female employees with children and pregnant women can work at home one day a week.


    DiDi Women’s Network (referred to as “DDWN”) issued the implementation scheme of several policies and programs beneficial for Didi women on June 16. Pregnant women or female employees with children can work at home one day a week, provided that they have reached a negotiated consensus with respective managers. The application procedure is very flexible and simple.

  • 湖南:7月起调整最低工资标准

    Hunan:Minimum wage standard will be adjusted as of July


    The minimum wage standard in Hunan province will be adjusted since July 1 of this year. The minimum wage standard in Hunan province upon adjustment (applicable for full-time employees) has the highest grade being RMB 1,580 and the lowest grade RMB 1,130; the hourly minimum wage standard (applicable for part-time employees) has the highest grade being RMB 15 and the lowest grade RMB 11.6.

  • 四川:拟调整高温津贴发放标准

    Sichuan: The payment mode of high temperature allowance is planned to be adjusted.


    It is reported that Sichuan Province plans to conduct thorough investigation on the high temperature allowance and make modifications and improvements, and to adjust the daily issuance to monthly issuance.

  • 曝华硕将进行大规模裁员

    It is revealed that ASUS will witness mass layoff.


    Recently, it is revealed that ASUS will witness mass layoff, so as to carry out business reengineering. To this issue, ASUS indicates that no layoff has been made so far. Insiders believe that, however, the mass layoff of ASUS is inevitable.

  • 1000人


    According to Nike Inc, to deal with the slow sales recently, Nike plans to reduce 2% of its manpower worldwide, and the layoff this round will involve more than 1,000 employees.

  • 5548元


    Regarding the 2017 Year of housing provident fund from Jul. 1, 2017 to Jun. 30, 2018, the upper limit of monthly payment of housing fund in Beijing will increase to RMB 5,548, with an increase of RMB 446 compared with that in 2016.

  • 90%


    According to a report surveyed against 12 countries including China, the majority of employees deem happiness as the most significant factor of obtaining favorable working experience, and near 90% of employees look forward to the establishment of such position dedicated to increasing employees’ welfare as Chief Happiness Officer.

  • 98%


    A report produced by LinkedIn recently shows that, 98% of Chinese employees desire to further their study upon employment, and 41% are willing to pay RMB 100,000 or higher for the study of MBA.

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