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#228  Jun 30, 2017    email version


How should an enterprise sign non-full-time employment contracts?


My question is, how should be a non-full-time employment contract be signed? What aspects should we pay attention to?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 董明珠:安装工再增加100元安装费

    Dong Mingzhu: Air conditioning installer will get additional RMB100 per installation


    Upon increase of installation fee by RMB 100 for one set of air conditioning and monthly wage by RMB 1,000 in 2016, GREE under the leadership of Dong Mingzhu grants an additional RMB 100 as subsidy for installation in high temperature to its installers who install the air conditioning branded GREE during the period from June 1 to July 31 of this year.

  • 人社部部长:医保异地结算问题两年内解决

    Minister of MOHRSS: Cross-region settlement of medical insurance will be smoothed within two years


    Yin Weimin, Minister of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said on June 22, "The number of social security cards in China has broken through 1 billion on may 25, 2017, covering 72% of population in China", "The problem of cross-region settlement of medical insurance will be solved within two years at the request of Central Government".

  • 深圳:发布平均工资

    Shenzhen: Issuance of notice regarding average wage


    Social Security Bureau of Shenzhen City issued a notice on June 20, indicating that the annual average wage of on-the-job employees in Shenzhen in 2016 was RMB 89,757, and monthly average wage was RMB 7,480 (rounded number).

  • 茅台酒厂招聘337人,引来数十万人报名致网络瘫痪

    Moutai Distillery’s network goes down due to congestion by hundreds of thousands of job hunters to fight for 337 vacancies


    On June 21, Moutai Distillery published an advertisement about recruitment of 3337 employees making wine on its official website. As a result, its registration system was paralyzed as hundreds of thousands of people rushed to make a registration. According to a senior employee in the company, Moutai has a good benefit: Employees work for five (5) hours a day, and common employees can only buy properties with the housing provident fund, and can get an annual income of RMB 130,000.

  • 8.5%


    On June 23, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released the enterprise wage guideline in 2017, indicating the reference line for the increase of average wage of employees is 8.5%, top line 14% and bottom line 4%, based on which the enterprises can adjust the wage of their employees.

  • 62.27%


    Recently, CIIC has published a set of data about white-collar workers' health. According to the survey, 62.27% of white-collar workers think they are overweight due to overwork, and 27.36% think they become fatter by 5kg or above than before.

  • 2600元


    Recently, the Investigation Report on Job-hunting Cost of University Graduates published on a certain recruitment website shows, the average job-hunting duration of graduates in 2017 is three (3) months, and average cost during the job-hunting period is RMB 2,600.

  • 1620元


    According to the Interim Provisions of Gansu Province on the Minimum Wage ,Gansu Provincial People's Government adjusted the minimum wage in the whole province on June 1, 2017, in which the minimum monthly wage in tier I region was adjusted to RMB 1,620, while the hourly one RMB 17.

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