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#229  Jul 07, 2017    email version


Ten operation points for control of legal risks from wage payment


Disputes are more likely to occur on wage payment in an employer’s employment management. It’s necessary for HR to grasp some operational details.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部:养老险个人账户利率定为8.31%

    MOHRSS: Accounting Interest Rate for Personal Account of Endowment Insurances Set to 8.31%


    On June 29, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) has released, among other parameters for year 2016, the accounting interest rate for personal account of employee’s endowment insurances, specifying that the accounting interest rate for personal accounts of urban employee’s endowment insurances shall be adjusted to 8.31%.

  • 微软本周重组或裁员数千人 中国区影响暂不详

    Microsoft's Restructuring This Week May Lay Off Thousands, with No Defined Impact on Personnel in China


    As reported by latest news from media outside China, Microsoft will carry out a new round of major restructuring and major downsizing worldwide this week, with thousands people to be laid off. Will this downsizing involve the business in China? How many employees in China branches would lose their jobs? The situation is not defined yet.

  • 广州:7月起公积金缴存基数上限调整

    Guangzhou: Upper Limit of Base for Contribution to Provident Fund to Adjust since July


    On June 29, Guangzhou Administration Center for Housing Provident Fund issued the notice on adjustment concerning contribution to the provident fund of years 2017 and 2018. After the adjustment, in principle, the upper limit of base for monthly contribution to the provident fund shall be adjusted from CNY 20,292 to CNY 22,275, with no adjustment to the contribution ratio or the lower limit of base for contribution from employees and employers.

  • 深圳:生育津贴有望延长至178天

    Shenzhen: Maternity Allowance Expected to Extend to 178 Days


    It is reported that Shenzhen is going to initiate a survey on the sexual equality status of women in employment, and vows to make efforts to change the current situation where “only a normal maternity leave of 98 days is eligible for maternity allowance", with maternity allowance extending to 178 days.

  • 1890元


    The minimum wage standard in Jiangsu province will be adjusted since July 1 of this year. After the adjustment, the minimum monthly wage standards applicable to different regions within Jiangsu province are as follows: CNY 1,890 for Tier I regions; and minimum hourly wage standards for non-full-time workers are as follows: CNY 17 for Tier 1 regions.

  • 1680元


    Guizhou Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security notified the province's the minimum wage standards of year 2017 the other day. According to it, the minimum monthly wage standard for Tier I regions rise to CNY 1,680 and the minimum hourly wage standard rise to CNY 18.

  • 11%


    As a routine, a new base for contribution to provident fund in Tianjin shall apply since July 1. The base for contribution shall be no less than CNY 2,050 but no more than CNY 22,605, with the ratio for contribution remaining 11%.

  • 17.5%


    As shown by the statistics released by Samsung Electronics on July 2, the number of its employees in the last year decreased for the first time against the past seven years, which is mainly attributable to the restructuring of its business in China. As shown by the statistics, the number of Chinese employees in Samsung was 37,070 last year, a 17.5% decrease compared with 44,948 of the year before last.

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