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#23  Mar 29, 2013    email version


An Analysis of the Difference Between Arbitration Limitation and Litigation Limitation


The employee, prior to the substantive trial of the application of limitation over the controversial dispute at the court, is not able to determine which kind of limitation system should be used in the initiation of legal proceedings in the limitation period.

  • 年休假工资的仲裁时效
  • Arbitration Limitation for Annual Salary
  • 额外的200%的年休假工资具有劳动报酬的性质,而属于法律责任的范畴,因此,同样不适用特殊时效,而应当受到一年时效期间的限制。
  • The extra 200% annual salary is rrelevant to labor remuneration but is included in legal responsibilities. Therefore, in principle, it should not apply for the special limitation period but should be restricted to the one-year limitation period.
  • 双倍工资的仲裁时效
  • Arbitration Limitation for Double Income
  • "未签订书面双倍工资"的仲裁请求不适用有关劳动报酬的特殊时效规定,而应适用劳动争议申请仲裁的一年的仲裁时效规定。
  • The payment of double salary without written labor contract should not apply the special limitation period about the labor remuneration but the general limitation period in the application for the arbitration of labor disputes.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 高技能人才将可直接入户广东

    Highly skilled talents will be directly registered to households in Guangdong


    Guangdong Provincial Government has recently revealed that Guangdong Province will fully implement the plan that highly skilled talents will be entitled to be directly registered to households in Guangdong. Highly skilled talents and much-needed mid-level employees for industrial development will be entitled to be registered in the town in the place of employment directly.

  • 上海人社局:高薪女职工生育生活津贴由用人单位补足

    Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: the maternity and living allowance of highly-paid female employees will be supplemented by the employing unit


    Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has recently revealed that female employees with childhood or miscarriage after July 1st, 2011 should have the gap between their maturity and living allowance and their salary before the maturity leave been supplemented by the correspondent employing unit.

  • 深圳:部分社会保险险种最低缴费提高

    Shenzhen: The minimum payment of some social insurance has been increased


    The minimum wage for full-time employees in Shenzhen have raised to RMB 1600 per month from March 1st. Correspondently, the amount of pension insurance, unemployment insurance and work-injury related insurance to be paid have all been increased accordingly.

  • 北京市总工会:企业每千名职工需配备4名调解员

    The Federation of Trade Union in Beijing: each enterprise should be equipped with 4 mediators per thousand employees


    The Federation of Trade Union in Beijing has revealed that, according to the relevant regulations, it is required to have 4 part-time mediators for the settlement of labor disputes per thousand employees in the Trade Union. Meanwhile, it is required that, to the end of this year, 80 percent of the established trade unions should be equipped with a mediator, and enterprise with more than 300 people should set up a separate mediation room.

  • 10%


    The global professional recruitment group Hays has recently released the 2013 Salary Guide. Respondents in China revealed that about half of the employers have raised the salaries for employees by more than 10% in the past 12 months. China has once again become the largest country in Asia with salary increase.

  • 22.83万


    China Construction Bank (hereinafter the “Bank”) has recently released the 2012 Annual Report. Statistics shows that the Bank has yielded a net profit of RMB 193.179 billion, and the year-on-year growth was 14.13%. With regard to the remuneration, 349,000 employees in the Bank has yield the staff cost of RMB 79.7 billion. The per capita cost per person is RMB 228,300 .

  • 18%


    According to the news of Japan’s Kyodo, the Survey of the 2014 Annual Recruitment Plan with regard to 108 major companies in Japan shows that due to the expansion of overseas business, the number of Japanese companies which have the plan to recruit more foreign staff in their head office have increased to 19, which is 18% of the surveyed companies.

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