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#230  Jul 14, 2017    email version


What kind of relocation of enterprise falls within the considerable change to the objective circumstance?


Some employees do not agree to relocation, and decide to terminate the labor contract with the company through negotiation and ask for economic compensation. Is this request by the staff reasonable? What should we deal with such employees?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 京东:五年以上员工看病报销无上限 公司全包

    JD.com: JD Shall Fully Reimburse Medical Expenses Without Upper Limit for Employees Serving It for 5 Years or Longer


    On the 10th day of this month, JD declared that regular JD employees serving JD for 5 years or longer will be entitled to an upgraded medical security by which all their medical expenses will be reimbursed by JD without upper limit. In addition, JD offers a green-channel medical sponsorship of RMB 100,000, so as to facilitate the employee to reach to the necessary medical help faster and obtain better healthcare resources. If the employees remain with anything physically wrong towards the end of the period for him or her to recuperate, he or she may also ask for an additional long sick leave up to one year following the end of the statutory medical treatment period.

  • 微软再启全球裁员: 中国公司已有员工接到通知

    Microsoft Starts Another Round of Global Job Cuts: Some Employees of Microsoft China Already Received the Notice


    As shown by the latest news from foreign media, the job cut of Microsoft may involve 3,000 to 4,000 people and Microsoft China has notified some employees of this matter. As early as Jul. 3, there were reports that Microsoft would lay off thousands of its employees, while Microsoft had been refusing to comment on the number of job cuts.

  • 深圳:在深工作港籍人士 可在深参加社保并享受相应待遇

    Shenzhen: Hong Kong Residents Working in Shenzhen May Participate in Shenzhen Social Insurance Programs and Enjoy the Benefits Accordingly


    The reporter has recently learnt from the Social Security Bureau of Shenzhen that Hong Kong residents working in Shenzhen may participate in Shenzhen social insurance programs and enjoy the benefits accordingly. Also, Hong Kong children attending school in Shenzhen, if meeting the conditions, may participate in the Shenzhen medical insurance program for children on an in-school-or-in-kindergarten basis.

  • 陕西:用人单位需设女职工休息哺乳室

    Shanxi Employers Are Required to Offer Lactation Rooms for Women Workers


    Shanxi Province introduced a new policy a few days ago, requiring employers to build lactation rooms or such other facilities for women workers by reference to the standards of nurse rooms in public buildings. It is required that unified marks be adopted for the lactation facilities and that conspicuous guiding signs be set up for them.

  • 1787万


    According to the news of Jul. 11, after Tencent granted 300 Tencent shares to each of its employees to celebrate its 18th anniversary, Tencent Holdings has announced that 17.87 million new shares will be issued for rewarding 10,800 of its employees. Calculated at the share price of Tencent Holdings closing at HKD 271.6 on Jul. 10, this reward is worth HKD 4.85 billion (RMB 4.22 billion).

  • 7376元


    As shown by a report released by zhaopin.com a few days ago, the average monthly wage for recruitment in the 37 major cities of China is currently RMB 7,376. In terms of competition for jobs, 35.8 people are competing for a job on an average.

  • 19.2%


    As shown by a survey of workplace elites on their inclination to transfer to a different employer in the 3rd quarter of year 2017, 19.2% of them have a job-hopping plan and employees in foreign companies have the strongest job-hopping inclination.

  • 5013元


    Recently, Hunan Province has released the average wage level of on-the-job employees of Hunan Province in year 2016. The annual average wage of on-the-job employees of Huan Province in year 2016 was RMB 60,160 and the monthly average wage was RMB 5,013.

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