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#232  Jul 28, 2017    email version


Pitfalls of Formulating Rules and Regulations and According Revision Strategy under Chinese Law


I summarize the common-sense mistakes in the development of rules and regulations, and put forward feasible measures for resolution.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 最新世界500强排行公布:腾讯阿里首次登榜

    The New Fortune 500 List Is Out: First Appearance of Tencent and Ali


    The Fortune Magazine revealed the latest Fortune Global 500 list, and Wal-Mart has dominated the first place for four (4) consecutive years, followed by State Grid Corporation of China, Sinopec and CNPC in second, third and fourth place respectively. According to the list, the quantity of Chinese enterprises has maintained growth for fourteen (14) consecutive years, reaching 115 this year. Tencent and Ali were admitted for the first time.

  • 格力确认创始人朱江洪见面会取消

    It is confirmed by GREE that, the meet-and-greet of Zhu Jianghong, the founder of GREE, has been cancelled


    According to report, due to the exaggerated contradiction with Dong Mingzhu, the meet-and-greet of the founder of GREE Zhu Jianghong to be held on Jul. 21 as scheduled witnessed sudden cancellation. Such sudden cancellation without any sign made many old employees sigh: “What a pity.”

  • 苹果中国求变:新设中国区高管 补贴移动支付

    Apple China Strives for Change: New Addition of Senior Executives in China and Subsidy for Mobile Payment

    7月20日,苹果首次在中国区以补贴形式推广Apple Pay。而就在前一天,苹果官方宣布,苹果公司无线技术副总裁葛越将赴上海担任公司副总裁及大中华区董事总经理。这是多年以来,苹果在中国区市场有了一个实际的掌舵者。

    Jul. 20 witnessed the first promotion of Apple Pay by Apple Inc. in China via Subsidy. Just yesterday, the officials of Apple Inc. announced that, Ge Yue, the Vice President of Apple Inc. responsible for wireless technology will be dispatched to Shanghai to hold the post of the Vice President of Apple China and Managing Director in Greater China. It is the first time that Apple Inc. dispatches a real steersman to the Chinese market.

  • ofo高层重大人事变动 滴滴高管付强出任执行总裁

    The Senior Management of Ofo Experiences Major Shake-ups, and Fu Qing, a Senior Executive of Didi Assumes the Post of CEO

    ofo 25日进行了新一轮的人事变动,滴滴高级副总裁付强将出任ofo执行总裁,直接向CEO戴威汇报,目前该消息已经得到了ofo官方的证实。

    Ofo witnessed the new round of personnel changes on Jul. 25. The news that Fu Qiang, the Senior Vice President of Didi will assume the post of the executive director and directly report to Dai Wei, the CEO of ofo has been officially confirmed by ofo.

  • 2万元


    Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics issued the per capita disposable income of 31 provinces in the first half of 2017. According to the data, in the first half of 2017, the per capita disposable income of Shanghai, Beijing and Zhejiang has exceeded RMB 20,000.00, and RMB 29,901.63 in Shanghai is the highest one.

  • 8%


    Statistics show that, up to now, the 2017 enterprise wage guidelines has been issued in six provinces, namely Henan, Beijing, Shanxi, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and Tianjin. Therein, the average datum line of such provinces is around 8%, showing a slight decrease compared with the level of the last year.

  • 6%


    According to the China Employment Index Report issued on Jul. 24, the overall employment situation in the financial industry is far worse than before, and the job demand only increases by 6%, much less than the national average level. Worse still, some first-tier cities even witness negative increase up to 4%.

  • 15天


    According to a notice issued in Hainan Province recently, the only child in conformity with stipulated conditions can enjoy additional five (5) days to accompany parents in hospital. In other words, they can enjoy an accumulated nursing period of no more than fifteen (15) days.

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