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#237  Sep 01, 2017    email version


How should we deal with the the case where the employee in the probationary period has been taking a long-term sick leave?


Where the employee in the probationary period has taken long-term sick leave, the company is suggested taking the following measures.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 13省份公布2017年企业工资指导线

    13 provinces have disclosed enterprise wage guidelines for 2017


    According to incomplete statistics, currently, the 2017 salary guideline has been published by 13 provinces including Hainan, Tianjin, Beijing, Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian and Anhui, which witnesses slight decline compared with that in 2016.

  • 2017中国民企500强名单公布

    The list of Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2017 has been published.


    On August 24, the latest list of Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises was released. The top three are Huawei, Suning and Weiqiao, followed successively by HNA, Amer, Lenovo, CEFC, JD.com, Wanda and Hengli.

  • 德勤否认辞退患癌员工

    Deloitte denied the dismissal of an employee with cancer.


    According to an informed source recently, an employee of Deloitte was notified to leave office upon having his cancer detected. Subsequently, Deloitte released an official statement denying such wording, and declared that double efforts had been made to seek medical advice for the said employee.

  • 饿了么正式收购百度外卖

    Baidu Takeaway has been formally acquired by Eleme.


    On August 24, Eleme formally declared its acquisition of Baidu Takeaway. According to information, Alibaba provided Eleme with financing support for the acquisition of Baidu Takeaway. Upon acquisition, Baidu Takeaway will maintain independent operation for the time being with the same management and corporate architecture.

  • 91%


    The annual 2017 Report of Chinese Talent Trend has been formally issued by LinkedIn. According to data, 91% of candidates are willing to know new job opportunities, and the principal factor driving employees to change work is for “giving full play to own talents”.

  • 31省份


    As introduced by relevant principals of MOHRSS, at present, 31 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps nationwide have established the provincial registration database of full coverage of social insurance, with the average pass rate of registration information up to 89%.

  • 55元


    On August 23, Shenzhen adjusted the basic old-age pension for retirees of enterprises, government departments and public institutions. Four items have been adjusted, including an additional quota of RMB 55 per capita each month, an additional quota equal to of 3.2% the basic old-age pension before adjustment, grant of old age allowance based on the original standard, and effective date falling on Jan. 1, 2017.

  • 400名


    As report goes, recently, due to the rising anti-Chinese sentiment in some markets of India, the sales volume of OPPO and vivo in July and August suffered a year-on-year decline of 30%, and more than 400 Chinese employees of OPPO and vivo have been called back to China.

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