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How to check whether a newly hired employee is bound by non-competition restrictions?


In recruiting senior officers, senior technicians or other employees who may hold business secrets, a company is advised to follow the 3 ways below in conducting a strict check over whether a candidate is bound by non-competition restrictions, to free the company from unnecessary legal risks and liabilities.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 中国将为外国人才签发5至10年多次往返签证

    China will issue 5-10 years of multiple-entry visa for foreign experts


    It is reported that the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs is currently working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security and other ministries to formulate implementation details, considering to give multiple-entry visa of up to 5 to 10 years to foreign experts as identified by competent authorities. More than 50,000 foreign experts are expected to be benefited therefrom.

  • 个税递延养老保险试点将启动

    Pilot of tax deferred endowment insurance will be started


    There have been new moves regarding endowment insurance and tax policies. A piece of news has received wide-spread attention on September 1: Currently the scheme for deferred tax endowment insurance has been basically formed, which still needs the approval of the State Council. It is expected that the scheme will be launched in October at the fastest.

  • 百度外卖员工安置问题 非核心员工恐无任何补偿

    Placement of Baidu Takeaway employees: Non-core employees may have no compensation


    After being acquired by Eleme, the placement solution for Baidu Takeaway employees is: First, all options of Baidu Takeaway are voided; second: core employees will be given an award, which will be released in 12 months in two installments...According to the second point hereof, non-core employees that have options may face a situation where the "option becomes waste paper" and there is no compensation.

  • 人社部:9月底异地就医报销实现全国联网

    MOHRSS: Nation-wide networking of inter-region medical reimbursement system by the end of September


    It is learned from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) that China will realize the nation-wide networking and comprehensive operation of the inter-region medical insurance settlement system by the end of September. Meanwhile, China will strengthen supervision over inter-region medical costs and promote the establishment of a hierarchical medical treatment system.

  • 2.56万人


    According to the interim reports of banks that have been released recently, employees of the four major state-owned banks in China decreased by 25,600 in the first half of this year. Wherein, ICBC, ABC, CBC and BOC downsized by 7676, 7243, 6434 and 4241, respectively.

  • 30%


    After the mixed ownership reform scheme is finalized, China Unicom issued the notice of the Slimming and Streamlining Implementation Solution of China Unicom. According to the notice, institutional and staffing adjustment should be completed prior to the end of October. During the "slimming" campaign, 712 management departments in 31 provinces will be cut to around 516, close to the aim of downsizing by 30%.

  • 1780元

    据报道,从2017年10月起,吉林省将调整最低工资标准。调整后的最低工资标准划分为四个档次,其中,第一档月最低工资标准为1780元, 非全日制用工小时最低工资标准为17元。

    It is reported that Jilin province will adjust the minimum wage standard from October 2017 onwards. Upon adjustment, the minimum wage standard has four grades within the province. For the first grade, the minimum monthly wage is RMB 1780 and the minimum hourly wage for part-time employees is RMB 17.

  • 190元


    Sichuan Province recently promulgated the Notice on Adjusting Relevant Work-related Injury Treatments 2017. According to the notice, the disability allowance for those identified as level 1 to 4 disability will be increased by RMB 190 per month. It is reported that the adjustment shall take effect from January 1, 2017.

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