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#240  Sep 22, 2017    email version


Should an employee who hasn’t signed a confidentiality agreement take confidentiality liabilities?


May provisions of the Employee Manual entitle us to deal with the employees? If former employees take advantage of the materials they had downloaded from our company prior to their leave, what should we do now that we cannot deal with them in accordance with the Employee Manual?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 人社部公布140项国家职业资格目录

    The MOHRSS releasing National Occupational Qualification Catalogue for 140 Professions


    Recently, the MOHRSS has printed and distributed the Notice on Releasing National Occupational Qualification Catalogue, in which it released a national occupational qualification catalogue. The National Occupational Qualification Catalogue includes 140 professional qualifications in total, and all other qualification certificates will be exempt from examinations.

  • 2017年度最佳雇主百强榜单发布

    List of Best 100 Employers in 2017 released


    Recently, the “List of Best 100 Employers in 2017” was released by zhaopin.com, and such enterprises as Alibaba, JD.com and Lenovo are included. Among “ Best 100 Employers”, the majority are enterprises from IT/communication/electronics/Internet sectors, 25 in number. Judging from the location, as many as 79 enterprises from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are on the list.

  • 《2017中国区域国际人才竞争力报告》发布

    Report on International Talent Competitiveness by Region of China (2017) released


    According to index and ranking of international talent competitiveness by region set forth in the latest Report on International Talent Competitiveness by Region of China (2017), Shanghai obtains competitiveness index of 3.91 scores, ranking the highest among areas participating in the evaluation of international talent competitiveness. The 2nd to the forth slots are occupied by Beijing, Guangdong and Jiangsu respectively.

  • 降低男女薪酬差距 联合国成立“同酬国际联盟”

    The UN establishing “Equal Pay International Coalition” to narrow the pay gap between male and female employees


    On Sep. 18 of the local time, International Labor Organization, UN Women and OECD announced at UN Headquarters in New York, the unanimity to establish “Equal Pay International Coalition” with a view to achieving the sustainable development goal of equal pay between male and female employees by 2030.

  • 24小时


    Recently, the release of “24-hour principle” (all mangers must reply within 24 hours any requests for work instructions and e-mails for approval) in “14 inexorable rules of JD.com”, raises a plethora of discussions on the Internet that Liu Qiangdong is strict with employees. With respect to this, Liu Qiangdong replied that those fail to reply e-mails within 24 hours would not be fired immediately but receive oral warnings, and may be dismissed for many repetitive failures.

  • 10.10%


    On the 18th day, Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Wage Guide Level in Shenzhen Human Resource Market of 2017. By and large, the wage guide level of 2017 rises stably by 10.10% compared with that of 2016.

  • 4854元


    Data issued by CIIC show that:In 2017, the average initial emoluments of fresh bachelor, master and doctor graduates are RMB 4,854/month, RMB 6,791/month and RMB 9,982/month respectively. Such average initial emoluments in first-tier cities are RMB 5,218/month, RMB 7,612/month and RMB 10,077/month respectively.

  • 3年


    Recently, Guangzhou has printed and distributed Implementation Scheme of Guangzhou for Cost Cuts in Companies in the Real Economy. The Scheme proposes to adjust the minimum wage standard once every three years instead of once every two years as implemented at present. The minimum wage standard issued in May 2015 shall be applicable in 2017 for the time being.

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