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#243  Oct 20, 2017    email version


What should the company do if a female employee takes sick leave continuously after becoming pregnant?


What should the company do to protect the company's interests while not prejudicing the interests of the employee and preventing risks to the maximum extent?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 苏宁校招涉嫌歧视 涉事HR被免职

    Suning was suspected of discrimination during its campus recruitment, ending up with the dismissal of the involved HR officer


    It’s reported that one HR officer from Guangzhou branch of Suning.com was recently suspected of discriminating students from Guangdong University of Technology during the campus recruitment when the officer said management trainees had to be graduated from the institutions of higher education titled with 985/211. Guangdong University of Technology is among the second-tier undergraduate universities/colleges. This statement has triggered much discussion. Subsequently, Suning had to apologize and dismissed the involved officer.

  • 31个省市失业保险费率全部下调至1%

    Unemployment insurance rates in 31 provinces and municipalities were lowered to 1%.


    Statistics show that unemployment insurance rates in 21 provinces and municipalities have been reduced from 1.5% to 1% since this year. Considering regions that had previously lowered their respective unemployment insurance rates, all 31 provinces and municipalities have lowered unemployment insurance rates to 1%. Take-home pay may rise slightly in some provinces and municipalities. Unemployment insurance benefit standard is rising gradually. Hopefully, the unemployed is eligible for more generous unemployment benefit.

  • 广州:11月起个人可自愿缴存公积金

    Guangzhou: Employees may make contribution to provident fund of its own accord as of November


    Recently, Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center promulgated a new policy, stating that citizens who are not covered under the housing provident fund contribution scope may voluntarily contribute the housing provident fund by themselves and then enjoy the low-interest housing provident fund loan policies. The new policy will be enacted next month.

  • 四川拟明年提高最低工资标准

    Sichun intends to increase the minimum wage standard next year


    It is reported that Sichuan Province is currently conducting an assessment study, intending to adjust the minimum wage standard in 2018. The new standard will be release prior to July 1, 2018.

  • 17家


    Recently, Forbes launched the Most Trustworthy Companies for the first time. Prepared based on the Forbes Global 2000, the list contains companies from nearly 60 countries and regions. Among them, 17 are from Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan region.

  • 79.3%

    最新发布的《2017 海归就业力调查报告》显示,79.3%的海归认为自己在就业中存在一定劣势,海归认为影响自己求职的负面因素集中于两点:不熟悉国内的就业形势与企业需求(45.5%)、回国时间与国内招聘季时间不符(39.2%)。

    According to the latest Returnee Employability Survey 2017, 79.3% of the returnees believe they are at a disadvantageous position in employment. They believe there are two main negative factors: not familiar with the domestic employment situation and enterprise needs (45.5%), and mismatch between their return time and domestic recruitment season (39.2%).

  • 93.96%


    Pursuant to the recently released Full Sample Report on the General Managers of Chinese Listed Companies 2017, there are 3002 male general managers and 193 female general managers among Chinese listed companies in 2017, accounting for 93.96% and 6.04%, respectively. Men still occupy an overwhelmingly dominant position.

  • 15天


    Recently, the Regulation of Yunnan on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Aged (revision draft) again solicits public opinion. The draft states, "Where single-child parents aged 60 full year and above are hospitalized due to illness, the employing unit shall provide support for their child to take care of the parent and grant no more than 15 days of nursing leave to the child cumulatively in a year, and the salary during the nursing leave shall be the same as the normal working periods.”

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