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#244  Oct 27, 2017    email version


Dismissing an employee on probation: “Incompetence” is a far cry from “Failure to Meet Recruitment Conditions”


If an employee is incompetent and there are no provisions on dissolving contract based on failure to achieve performance goal, is it OK if we can dissolve the labor contract with the employee on the excuse that he “fails to meet recruitment conditions during probation period”?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 地方性法规为“超生即辞退”支撑时代行将终结

    The era when bylaws supports that “employee giving birth to children outside the state plan faces dismissal” will be a thing of the past


    Recently, the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress sent a circular to the local people’s congresses in Guangdong, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Hainan, and Fujian, suggesting the five provinces’ appropriate modification according to the local actual situations to provisions in local regulations on population and family planning concerning the dismissal of, or termination of labor (employment) contract with, employees who have more than one child by the relevant enterprises. It also shows the system that “employee giving birth to children outside the state plan faces dismissal”, which has been in place in some regions for decades, will become a thing of the past.

  • 北森发布《2017中国企业绩效管理成熟度报告》

    Beisen releases “2017 China Enterprise Performance Management Maturity Report”


    The “2017 China Enterprise Performance Management Maturity Report” released by Beisen Cloud recently shows that 76% of enterprises are still using the KPI model. They account for an absolute majority, and KPI model will still be the mainstream performance management model for some time to come.

  • 深圳:拟明确停工留薪期确认条件及劳动能力鉴定

    Shenzhen: Conditions for confirmation of paid suspension from work and assessment of labor ability are to be defined.


    On the 20th day, “Measures of Shenzhen City for Administration of Assessment of Labor Ability (draft)” are released to solicit for public opinions. The system of general inspection and review is proposed to be established. The highlights are to define the confirmation of three prominent types of issues: confirmation of paid suspension from work, confirmation of work-related injury and disease correlation, and the assessment of recurrence of work-related injury.

  • 湖北:独生子女可享10天带薪护理假

    Hubei: Patients with one child is entitled to a 10-day paid nursing leave


    Recently, Measures of Hubei Province on Implementation of Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly have been amended and adopted. According to the Measures, “where one-child parents aged 60 years old and above are hospitalized due to illness, the employer shall give their child support to take care of the parent and grant no more than 10 days of nursing leave to the child cumulatively in a year, and the salary during the nursing leave shall be the same as the normal working periods.”

  • 7599元


    Recently, a survey report on employment of white collars released by Zhaopin.com shows that the average monthly salary of white collars in 37 major cities in this autumn is 7,599 yuan, showing a month-on-month growth. In terms of competition for jobs, about 30 candidates are competing for one job on average.

  • 4100人


    Recently, Ericsson announced in its financial report that 4,100 workers have been laid off globally in the third quarter. Ericsson told the media that layoffs would be carried out globally, and market areas including China region will determine the scale of layoff based on their specific situations.

  • 25.2%


    Recently, the survey on the intention of 14,096 elite workers (working for more than 2 years, with an annual salary of over 100,000 yuan) for job-hopping in the fourth quarter of 2017 shows that elite workers show preference for job-hopping, as 25.2% of them have job-hopping plans.

  • 200元


    The notice issued by Yunnan Human Resources and Social Security Department states that as of January 1 of this year, Yunnan government will adjust the disability allowance for workers with work-related injury, life care fees and pension for the family of the deceased workers. The maximum monthly increase of disability allowance will reach 200 yuan. Minimum wage standard applies if these fees after adjustment do not reach the minimum wage in overall planning area.

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