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#248  Nov 24, 2017    email version


If the employees fight in the company for personal grudges, can we dismiss them on the ground of serious violation of discipline?


Is there any risk if we handle it in this way and what we need to pay attention to?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 财政部、人社部:发布《就业补助资金管理办法》

    MOF & MOHRSS: Measures for the Administration of Employment Subsidies released


    Recently, MOF and MOHRSS have jointly released a Circular on Printing and Issuing Measures for the Administration of Employment Subsidies. The circular makes clear that such people as current year’s college graduates, children of poor families, qualified enterprise employees, rural migrant workers and urban residents registered as jobless may be entitled to subsidies for vocational training.

  • 乐视系公司员工持股突被清零

    Equities held by employees of LeTV series companies suddenly cleared


    It is reported that, core employees of LeTV series companies were notified recently that their equities were totally “cleared”, which made the equity agreements of top and ordinary employees in the original core of LeTV turn to “waste papers”, and the highest amount of a sum cleared exceeded RMB 100 million.

  • ofo巡视员因接受采访被当场开除

    ofo inspector dismissed on the spot due to acceptance of an interview


    It is reported that, shared bikes were often parked arbitrarily at the end of Shanghai Jiande Road recently. After receiving the complaint from citizens, the reporter went to the site. In the investigation, the reporter interviewed the ofo inspector on the spot, and the inspector expressed his helplessness. After saying this, he reported to his superior on the spot, only to get the reply that he was dismissed due to acceptance of the interview without authorization.

  • 安徽:2018年将调整最低工资标准

    Anhui: Minimum wage standard will be adjusted in 2018


    On Nov. 21, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Anhui Province said that, “It is provided in Article 7 of Provisions of Anhui Province on the Minimum Wage: The minimum wage shall be adjusted for once at least every two to three years. Anhui Province adjusted the minimum wage in Nov. 2015, so no adjustment is considered in this year, and an adjustment is planned to be made in 2018.

  • 6900人

    西门子近日宣布进行大范围重组,将在全球裁员 6900 人,其中约一半裁撤岗位将来自德国。这是继尼康关闭中国工厂之后制造企业的又一次大范围裁员,而西门子此次断臂求生或引发工人抗议。

    Siemens announced an extensive reorganization recently, and would lay off 6,900 employees in the world, among which, about half were in Germany. This is another extensive layoff by a manufacturer after Nikon closed its factory in China, and the action for survival of Siemens may spark protests by its workers.

  • 6.5%


    The average salary increase of all positions in Pearl River Delta in this year is about 6.5%, as shown in the survey conducted by South China Market of Human Resources over 2.12 million samples in 327 positions, 12 sectors and 9 cities in Pearl River Delta. In terms of average regional monthly wage, Shenzhen has topped the list for 5 consecutive years by virtue of RMB 8,421 this year, and Guangzhou ranks 2nd by virtue of RMB 7,210.

  • 15日


    It is provided in Working Methods of Beijing Labor and Personnel Dispute Mediation Organizations printed and issued by Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently, a mediation organization shall finish the mediation within fifteen (15) working days as of the date of acceptance of the application for mediation.

  • 1350元


    Department of Social Security and Social Security of Qinghai Province disclosed on the 20th day that as of Dec. 1, 2017, the unemployment insurance compensation standard for the unemployed of Qinghai Province would be raised to RMB 1,350/person/month, showing an increase by RMB 270/person/month, and an increase rate of 25%.

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