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#249  Dec 01, 2017    email version


Are there any risks if the Employee Handbook stipulates that once there is office romance, one of them must resign from the company?


Our Employee Handbook stipulates that once there is office romance, one of them must resign from the company. Are there any legal risks for such a provision?

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  • 亚马逊被爆压榨员工 连上厕所都要计时

    It’s revealed that Amazon even recorded the time for its employees in toilet


    According to media reports, it was revealed recently that the US E-commerce giant “Amazon” was in the center of the scandal of arranging working overtime and giving low salary to squeeze its employees. It not only gave low salary and arranged long working hours, but also forced warehouse staff to package 2 parcels within one minute, and even recorded the time for them to go to the toilet.

  • 富士康工厂被曝非法使用学生加班组装iPhone X

    It’s revealed that a Foxconn factory illegally arranged students to work overtime to assembly iPhone X

    近日,富士康集团河南郑州基地使用实习生加班生产iPhone X的新闻,引发全球舆论关注。据媒体最新消息,富士康证实,已经停止了这一现象。据悉,这些实习生员工未来仍然会在富士康正常工作,每天工作八小时。

    Recently, the news that Foxconn Group Henan Zhengzhou Base arranged interns to work overtime to produce iPhone X triggered public discussions globally. According to the latest media news, Foxconn confirms it has stopped the action. It’s reported that, these interns will still work as usual in Foxconn for eight hours a day.

  • 京东:未找到合适住所的员工 可直接申请员工宿舍

    JD.com: employees who cannot find proper residences may directly apply for living in staff dormitories


    With respect to the special action to check, clean up and control completely potential safety hazards taken by Beijing Safety Production Committee, some employees of JD.com revealed that they received a SMS from the company, saying that if the housing of any employee must be changed, but he/she fails to find proper housing, he/she can directly apply for living in a staff dormitory.

  • ofo回应滴滴派驻高管休假:因个人原因休假

    ofo responded to that officers assigned by Didi took a leave: the officers took a leave for personal reasons


    Recently, it’s revealed that three officers Didi assigned to ofo “began to take a leave”, and the suspected crack occurred between the investor and the entrepreneurs. To this end, ofo responded that it’s normal for such officers to take a leave due to their own reasons.

  • 2373元


    MOHRSS recently released Annual Report of 2016 on Social Insurance Development in China, introducing the social insurance development of China for the last year. Therein, the pension per capita for enterprise retirees is RMB 2,373, increasing by RMB 122 from one year earlier.

  • 99%


    On the night of Nov. 23, an employee of Xiaoming Bike revealed on the social network that Xiaoming Bike has laid off 99% of its employees, its CEO Chen Yuying has left office and its actual controller Deng Yonghao has been out of contact. On the same night, Chen Yuying confirmed with the reporter that she has resigned from the office.

  • 80%


    Recently, the reporter learned from a press conference of Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department that, since Oct. 1, 2017, the monthly unemployment insurance standard of each region in Sichuan has been adjusted from 70% of the monthly minimum wage to 80%. According to the current policy, the adjusted unemployment insurance standards in Sichuan were RMB 1,008, 1,004 and 1,200 per monthly, respectively.

  • 100元


    Liaoning Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security has released Guidance in 2017 on the Adjustment to Related Treatment for Employees Who Suffer Work-Related Injuries Therein, the disability allowances for employees who suffer Level 1-4 work-related injuries are adjusted as follows: RMB 120 per month is added for employees who suffer Level 1 work-related injuries, RMB 110 for employees who suffer Level 2 work-related injuries, RMB 105 for employees who suffer Level 3 work-related injuries and RMB 100 for employee who suffer Level 4 work-related injuries. It is reported that the adjustment shall take effect from January 1, 2017.

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