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#25  Apr 12, 2013    email version


Analysis of Sexual Harassment Case


In practice, witness appearing before the court is often a double-edged sword because the witness appearing before the court can be affected by a variety of factors.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广东拟规定转型升级企业裁员超20人需报告

    Guangdong Intends to Stipulate That Redundancy of Over 20 Employees during Enterprise's Restructuring and Upgrading Shall Be Reported


    Guangdong Human Resource and Social Security Office recently promulgated a regulation, stipulating that an enterprise that would lay off over 20 employees during its restructuring and upgrading shall explain the case to the trade union and all employees and meanwhile report the redundancy scheme to Guangdong Human Resource and Social Security Office.

  • 上海:病假扣除休息日和法定节假日

    Shanghai: Weekends and Statutory Holidays Shall Be Deducted from Sick Leave


    Staff with service hotline 12333 of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau confirmed that weekends and statutory holidays shall be excluded during the calculation of sick leave. However, the so-called one-month's sick leave does not refer to a natural month, but 20.83 days in actual operation.

  • 广州重金吸纳金融机构落户:最高奖励2500万元

    Guangzhou: Attracting Financial Institutions with Fat Rewards: Capping at RMB 25 Million


    The Several Regulations on the Support of Building Regional Financial Centers in Guangzhou recently promulgated by Guangzhou clarified the support funds for the construction of regional financial centers. This move aims to attract financial institutions both at home and abroad to settle in Guangzhou, with the highest one-time award of RMB 25 million.

  • 戴相龙:可通过延长退休年龄弥补养老金缺口

    Dai Xianglong: Gap in the Old-age Pension Can Be Solved by Extending Retirement Age


    Dai Xianglong, Party Secretary of the National Council for Social Security Fund, recently said that the old-age pension was indeed in shortage and he suggested using methods such as extending the retirement age and intensifying the assurance of state-owned assets to social insurance funds to make up for the gap, and gradually forming an old-age pension system jointly contributed by government, enterprise, and personal accounts.

  • 中国或很快启动人民币与澳元的直接交易

    China May Soon Enable RMB's Direct Trading with AUD


    It is said that along with the increasingly close financial and trade ties between China and Australia, China may soon enable the direct trading of RMB with AUD.

  • 5550.4万


    Wang Xiaochu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, recently said that in the past five years, China's incremental professional and technical talents reached more than 8.6 million, including over 800,000 returned overseas students and 50,000 plus post-doctors. Currently, China boasts a total of 55.504 million professional and technical talents.

  • 645.36亿


    Recent data of National Council for Social Security Fund show that the ROI of social security fund in the last year is RMB 64.536 billion, with rate of return at 7% and 4.38% realized rate of return, best record in the past three years.

  • 0.16%


    Wang Xiaochu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, recently revealed that China's supervision system over the social security fund is gradually maturing. The rate of irregular use of funds dropped to 0.16% last year, so overall the social security fund is safe.

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