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#259  Feb 09, 2018    email version


If a dispatched worker becomes pregnant during the labor dispatching period, can we return her to the dispatching unit?


With regard to whether the accepting unit can return a dispatched worker who becomes pregnant during the dispatching period, there are two views in practice.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 阿里回怼刘强东:缴纳五险一金是义务不是功劳

    Ali strikes back at Liu Qiangdong: Contribution of the five social insurances and one housing provident fund is an obligation not a merit


    The other day, CEO Liu Qiangdong of JD.com posted the following statement on social media: “JD.com has insisted on contributing the five social insurances and one housing provident fund for all employees in full, which amounted to 6 billion last year." Subsequently, Wang Shuai, Chairman of Marketing and Public Relations Committee of Alibaba Group, criticizes Liu by replying: "Contribution of the five social insurances and one housing provident fund is a basic obligation not a merit of corporate citizen."

  • 猩便利被曝大规模裁员 回应:人员优化重组

    Owitho alleges team optimization and resource reorganization, as a response to media exposure of its large-scale layoff


    Some media broke the news that Owitho had been downsizing on a large scale from January 30. About 60% of BD staff members will be laid off. In response, relevant person of Owitho replied that the company is optimizing its team and reorganize its resource. The main purpose is to match the "refined operation" strategic planning of the next phase.

  • 广州:公积金缴存比例困难单位或可降

    Guangzhou: For units with difficulty to contribute to housing provident fund, the ratio may be cut


    According to a document recently released by the Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center, for units that do have difficulty in the contribution of housing provident fund, the contribution ratio may be cut to less than 5% or the contribution may be suspended for the time being.

  • 甘肃:工伤职工康复期间享停工留薪待遇

    Gansu: Workers are eligible for paid rests during recovery from work-related injury


    Recently, Guansu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Measures of Gansu Province for the Management of Recovery from Work-related Injury. According to the Measures, workers are entitled to medical treatment of work-related injury and paid rests during recovery from work-related injury. If the worker refuses to be discharged from the hospital upon expiration of the recovery period, he/she needs to pay the medial bills himself/herself.

  • 20万元


    On 6th, Huawei Group issued the Notice on the Estimation of the Dividend Distribution of Virtual Restricted Shares 2017 internally. According to the notice, the estimated earnings of Huawei's virtual restricted shares is 2.83 yuan per share and the cash dividend is 1.02 yuan per share in 2017. It is told that based on this estimate, a fresh college graduate could get RMB 200,000 to the maximum.

  • 1万人


    According to reports of foreign media, Japan's Fuji Holdings recently expressed that due to the shrinking of copier business, the joint venture established together with Xerox will lay off 10,000 employees worldwide.

  • 93%

    近日公布的《2017年企业年终奖发放计划调研报告》显示, 93%的企业计划发放2017年年终奖,金融行业以38902元保持第一,高科技行业以26163元紧随其后。

    The recently released Survey on Enterprises' Annual Bonus Distribution Plan 2017 shows that, 93% of the surveyed intend to distribute the annual bonus of 2017. 38,902 yuan in the financial sector ranks higher than any other industries, followed by the high-tech sector (26,163 yuan).

  • 6.5%


    Guangzhou will reportedly lower enterprises' social insurance costs. The ratio of medical insurance that the employer is responsible to contribute to will be gradually cut from 8% to around 6.5% before 2020.

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