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#261  Mar 09, 2018    email version


Can we work around the signing of two fixed-term labor contracts by extending the term of the labor contract?


Can we extend the term of the first labor contract through negotiations with the employee so as to avoid signing a second labor contract?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 李克强:提高个税起征点 调整最低工资标准

    Li Keqiang: Increase the threshold for individual income tax and raise minimum wage standard


    On March 5, Li Keqiang, when delivering the Report on the Work of the Government, mentioned that the government would continue to raise the basic pension for retirees as well as for urban and rural residents, reasonably adjust the minimum wage standard of the society, and raise the threshold for individual income tax.

  • 孕产期赴美生子被辞 美赞臣员工起诉公司

    Mead Johnson employee sued the company for firing her after she went to the United States during pregnancy and gave birth there


    It is reported that Ms. Yuan, the Marketing Manager from the Sales Dept. of Mead Johnson with a salary of RMB 20,000 per month, brought Mead Johnson Nutrition (China) Co., Ltd. to court on the ground of being fired during the pregnancy and childbirth period. Ms. Yu requested the company to resume her position and continue paying salary.

  • Ofo被曝运维人员已休假一月

    Ofo O&M team have been on leave for a month


    It is reported that the O&M team of Ofo in Nanjing have been on leave for a month ever since February and haven't returned to work yet, without receiving salary for February. In response, relevant person of Ofo said that the posts of certain O&M team members would be adjusted.

  • 海航集团今年或将裁员10万人

    HNA Group may lay off 100,000 employees this year


    Rumor goes that China's HNA Group will substantially "downsize" this year by cutting 100,000 jobs, which account for one quarter of its over 400,000 employees.

  • 37%


    Survey data released by Hays on 6th show that since 2018, the number of female executives and foreign employees in Mainland China has been on the rise, up from 35% in 2017 to 37%.

  • 3000名


    According to foreign media reports, because consumers are increasingly inclined to shop online rather than visiting physical stores, toy retailer Toys R Us UK has entered bankruptcy proceedings. About 3,000 employees are going to be jobless.

  • 4850元


    Based on the recently released Spring Festival Employment Report 2018, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Nanjing are the hot target cities for job hunting after the Spring Festival. Top three are Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, with the average starting salary of RMB 4850, RMB 4830 and RMB 4740, respectively.

  • 6个月


    It is reported that during the Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) of 2018, Sun Bing, NPC deputy and Mayor of Hubei Jingmen Municipal People's Government, proposed to extend women's maternity leave generally to 6 months.

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