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#262  Mar 16, 2018    email version


If the labor contract is not signed, do commissions also need to be paid in double?


The calculation base of double wages for not signing the written labor contract should include commission.

  • 如何有效管理试用期员工?
  • How should employees in probation be effectively managed?
  • 现试用期即将到期,我司很困惑,可否按照法律与该员工解除劳动合同?如果不可以,员工提出的延长试用期是否可行?
  • Now that his probationary period is about to expire, we feel rather confused. Can we terminate the labor contract with him according to the law? If not, is his proposal of extending the probationary period feasible?
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 政协委员:工资协商制度纳入劳动合同法修订

    CPPCC Member: Wage negotiation system shall be incorporated into the revised Labor Contract Law


    Recently, Lv Guoquan, member of CPPCC and Director of the Research Office of All-China Federation of Trade Unions, expressed that although the Labor Contract Law mentions wage negotiations, there are no detailed operating rules. Therefore, corresponding supporting details shall be promulgated.

  • 人大代表:建议降低“五险一金”缴费比例

    NPC Deputy: Lower the contribution ratio of the "Five Social Insurances and One Housing Provident Fund"


    It is reported that NPC deputy Liu Hanyuan proposed to lower the contribution ratio of the "Five Social Insurances and One Housing Provident Fund". He believes that the taxes and fees still take up a relatively large proportion in the revenues of Chinese enterprises especially private ones, so burdens of companies are still heavy.

  • 政协委员:建议将二胎产假延长至六到九个月

    CPPCC Member: Extend the maternity leave for second birth to 6-9 months


    Li Shouzhen, member of CPPCC and Party member of All-China Federation of Trade Unions, advised to pay attention to employment discrimination against women and suggested speeding up the promulgation of the Anti-Employment Discrimination Act and appropriately extending the maternity leave for the second birth from prevailing 128 days to 6-9 months.

  • 海南:单位不交社保从业人员可要求一次性补偿

    Hainan: Employee can ask for a one-off compensation if the employer does not pay social insurance


    According to the notice recently released by Hainan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, if the employer violates regulations on endowment insurance contribution such that the retiree could not enjoy basic endowment insurance treatments after hitting the retirement age, the employee may ask the employer to pay a one-off economic compensation.

  • 60岁


    On March 12, Tang Tao, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that postponed retirement is a general trend which may be extended to over 60 in the future. For those who don't want postponed retirement, some members suggest that executives of companies can be solved in priority with a reference to regulations of government departments, while ordinary employees should be allowed to choose whether they are willing to delay retirement.

  • 50%


    It is revealed that Motorola Mobile has decided to lay off 50% of its staff in Chicago HQ. For this, Lenovo explained the foregoing "downsizing" as global resource adjustment.

  • 63.3%


    According to a recently released report, the labor force participation rate of female is 63.3% in China, which is higher than the average level of OECD (57%) and Asia Pacific countries (62%).

  • 1750元


    It is reported that Sichuan will adjust the minimum wage this year and plan to adjust the monthly minimum wage to RMB 1,550, RMB 1,650, and RMB 1,750 respectively; the minimum hourly wage for part-time employees will be adjusted to RMB 16.3, RMB 17.4, and RMB 18.5 respectively.

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