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#263  Mar 23, 2018    email version


How should a labor contract with a deadline for work tasks be renewed?


If the contract is terminated, can it not be renewed? Is it necessary to pay economic compensations in case of no renewal? If a labor contract with a deadline to complete a certain work task has been signed for two consecutive times, is it required to sign a labor contract without fixed term for the third time?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 财政部:力争年内完成个税法的部内起草

    Ministry of Finance: Going for the Drafting of Individual Income Tax Law in 2018


    Recently, the Ministry of Finance announced in its 2018 Legislative Work Arrangement that the department would strive to complete the drafting of Individual Income Tax Law (Revision) during the year, and have it timely submitted to the State Council.

  • 蓝色光标员工发文诉被暴力裁员

    BlueFocus Employee Complained about Illegal Layoff


    A few days ago, an employee from the PR agency BlueFocus posted an article stating that he was suddenly asked by the company to resign without any compensation after working in BlueFocus for over two years. BlueFocus responded to this accusation, saying that it was just an isolated case.

  • 政协委员:在相关行业推行弹性工作制

    CPPCC Member: Implement Flexible Work Schedule in Relevant Industries


    During the two sessions, Guo Jianchun, a CPPCC member, suggested that flexible work schedule should be implemented in the relevant industries with a large proportion of female workers, such as schools, hospitals and banks, and policy support and financial subsidies should be given to the units that implement the flexible work schedule.

  • 政协委员:建议全国推广“独生子女照料陪护假”

    CPPCC Member: Promote Only-child Nursing Leave Nationwide


    Lately, Yu Jinyao, a CPPCC member and a researcher at the Institute of World History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, recommended that the "one-child nursing leave" being effectively practiced in many places should be promoted as a national policy.

  • 22个月


    According to the "2018 China Talent Recruitment Trends Report" released by LinkedIn earlier, the cycle of job-hopping in China's workplace has been shortened year after year, with an average of 22 months.

  • 50%


    The recently released "2018 Talent Market Insights and Compensation Guide" shows that wages in all industries have risen in varying degrees in 2018. Blockchain has become one of the popular fields. The average job-hopping salary of architects has risen by more than 30%, and some of them may receive a salary rise of 50%.

  • 9911元


    The recently published "2017 Young White-collar Employment Report in China" indicates that Shenzhen is the most popular city in terms of both white-collar job searching and corporate recruitment. In the aspect of expected salary, Shanghai ranks first in the country with 9911 yuan/month, followed by Beijing's 9875 yuan/month, and Shenzhen ranks third with 9386 yuan/month."

  • 20名


    A few days ago, media reported that Microsoft received a total of 83 sexual harassment complaints among the 65,000 employees in the United States in 2017. Microsoft responded lately saying it had 20 employees dismissed for this reason.

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