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#264  Mar 30, 2018    email version


If an employee is criminally detained but his salary is paid as usual, can the company require the employee to return the already paid salary?


If a worker is restricted of personal freedom due to suspected crime, objectively he/she cannot provide labor to the employer according to the labor contract. From the principle of equality of rights and duties, the employer may not pay salary to the worker.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 党中央:确定社保费由税务部门统一征收

    CPC Central Committee: Social insurance premiums will be collected centrally by taxation authority


    Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued a notice that premiums of the basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, and other social insurances will be centrally collected by the taxation authority. All regions and departments are required to meticulously implement such a regulation, giving thought to actual conditions.

  • 养老保险改革总体方案年内出台

    The overall plan for old-age insurance reform will be introduced within the year


    Recently, China's overall plan for old-age insurance system reform has been formed and will be officially rolled out within the year. A series of relevant major measures will be introduced and taken to make the nationwide overall arrangement of employees' basic old-age insurance, to accelerate the development of enterprise annuity, to establish individual pension system, to pilot tax-deferred old-age insurance, etc.

  • 人社部: 2018年退休人员养老金上调5%左右

    MOHRSS: Old-age pension for retirees will increase by about 5% in 2018


    MOHRSS and MOF have jointly release a notice to increase the basic old-age pension for retirees of enterprises and public institutions who have gone through retirement procedures according to relevant regulations before the end of 2017 and have received basic old-age pension monthly. The new regulation is enacted from January 1, 2018, and increases the monthly basic old-age pension by around 5% compared with 2017.

  • 上海:4月1日起调整最低工资标准

    Shanghai: Minimum Wage Standard will be adjusted as of Apr. 1.


    Recently, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has released a notice, according to which Shanghai will increase the minimum wage standard from April 1, 2018. The minimum monthly wage in Shanghai will see a growth of 120 Yuan from 2,300 Yuan to 2,420 Yuan. The minimum hourly wage will rise to 21 Yuan from 20 Yuan.

  • 12.1亿

    蓝色光标因连续多年大手笔收购,员工人数飞速增长。 2010年度,人员成本合计为1.02亿元,而到了2016年度,人员成本合计为12.1亿元,6年间人员成本增超10倍。

    Due to continuous large acquisitions in the past several years, the headcount of BlueFocus has been growing rapidly. The total labor cost of the company was 102 million Yuan in 2010, which soared to 1.21 billion Yuan in 2016, up by more than 10 folds in six years.

  • 6320元


    According to the recently released Report on the Employment of Young White-collars in China 2017, young white-collars with a working age of less than three years expect an average salary of 6,320 Yuan/month.

  • 100万


    Beijing has recently promulgated Several Measures for Optimizing Services for Talent to Promote Development of High-grade, Precision and Advanced Industries with Scientific and Technological Innovations. The document encourages overseas talent to seek development in Beijing. Those with significant contributions may be awarded 500,000 Yuan to 1 million Yuan by the local government.

  • 10%


    Ningxia will increase the standard of unemployment insurance treatment from 65% of the region's minimum wage standard to 75%, up by 10%. The adjustment will take effect as of January 1, 2018.

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