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#268  Apr 27, 2018    email version


An employee stops coming to work after nonflying the company of his resignation orally. How should the company deal with such a situation?


One of our employees asked to resign orally and then stopped coming to work. What are the compliance operations for such a situation?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 国务院:推行终身职业技能培训制度政策措施

    The State Council: Implement policies and measures for lifelong vocational skill training system


    On April 18, the State Council Executive Meeting promulgated policies and measures for the lifelong vocational skill training system, so as to improve the quality of workers and promote high-quality development. The training system covers all workers, including on-the-job employees and job seekers. The government will subsidize the vocational skill trainings, and such subsidies should cover the entire career life. All the in-service work or job is entitled to the training.

  • 山东:上调月最低工资标准至1910元 6月1日起执行

    Shandong: Increase the minimum wage standard to RMB 1910/month, which will be implemented as of June 1


    Recently, Shandong convened an executive meeting of the provincial government. It was decided on the meeting that the minimum monthly wage standards of the province are classified into three levels in 2018, which are increased to RMB 1910, RMB 1730 and RMB 1550, respectively.The minimum hourly wage standards are adjusted to RMB 19.1, RMB 17.3, RMB 15.5, respectively. The new standards will be enacted on June 1, 2018. The enterprise wage guidelines of the province for 2018 are: 11% for upper line, 7% for base line, and 3% for bottom line.

  • 广东:《社保法》实施前社保欠费滞纳金暂缓加收

    Guangdong: The overdue fee for arrears of social insurance premiums is suspended of collecting prior to the implementation of the Social Security Law


    Recently, Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau and Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province jointly released an announcement that proposed opinions on how to handle the overdue fees for arrears of social insurance premiums by enterprise employees in Guangdong. The most noteworthy thing is, where the enterprise applies to supplement social insurance premiums for periods before July 1, 2011, the overdue fee may be exempted for now.

  • 河南拟规定:每月给女职工发卫生费 痛经可带薪休假

    Henan intends to stipulate releasing a health allowance to female employees each month; female employees with dysmenorrhea may apply for a paid leave


    According to media reports on April 23, the Legislative Affairs Office of Henan Provincial Government will solicit public opinions for the Measures of Henan on the Implementation of the Special Labor Protection of Female Employees. The Measures include: The employer should grant a health allowance of at least RMB 50 to female employees each month. Female employees with severe dysmenorrhea or excessive menstrual volume as certified by a medical institution may be given one or two days of paid leave.

  • 22%


    The 2018 China Women Leadership Forum was recently held in Guangzhou. The Forum released the Report on the Workplace Status Quo of Guangzhou Women 2018. According to the Report, the income gap between female employees and male employees in Guangzhou has been narrowed, but the absolute value is still relatively large. Women's overall income is 22% lower than men.

  • 2.9%


    According to the statistics released by Hong Kong Census and Statistics on April 19, the unemployment rate adjusted seasonally from January to March of 2018 was 2.9%, same as that from December of last year to February of this year. The underemployment rate also remained stable at 1.0%.

  • 3700


    It is reported that to further reduce costs, PSA Peugeot Citroen intends to cut 3700 jobs in Opel's German factory by 2020. According to the head of Opel trade union, Peugeot Citroen has already cut 2000 jobs of Opel through contract buyout and early retirement plan.

  • 1500


    It is reported on April 20 that chip maker Qualcomm will lay off 1500 employees in San Diego and the Bay Area. According to media reports, as a part of Qualcomm's 1-billion dollar spending reduction plan, the layoff will be started around June 19.

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