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#27  Apr 26, 2013    email version


Case study on senior management salary dispute


Interpretation IV confirmed the oral amendment by way of actual performance for more than one month. However, it does not specify whether amendment refers to the unilateral amendment by the employer or refers to the amendment by reaching an oral agreement, which leads to different interpretations.

  • 企业高管的经济补偿问题
  • Economic compensation of senior management of the enterprise
  • 按照当地社会月平均工资的3倍为标准按其服务年限补偿是合法的。但是,如果员工与企业另有高于法定标准的约定,则从其约定。
  • It is legal to pay the economic compensation on the ground of the payment of triple monthly average salary according to the length of service in the local society. However, if the employees and the company have agreed otherwise with compensation higher than the statutory one, their agreement should prevail.
雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 《劳务派遣行政许可管理办法(征求意见稿)》公开征求意见

    The Labor Dispatch Administrative Permit Management Approach (Draft) Is Soliciting Public Comments


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is soliciting public comments on the Labor Dispatch Administrative Permit Management Approach (Draft). The Draft, in accordance with the newly revised Labor Contract Law, states conditions of applying for labor dispatch administrative permits, and specifies materials that need to be submitted in order to apply for engaging in labor dispatch services.

  • 广州下调失业保险缴费比例

    Guangzhou Lowered Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate


    From April until the end of this year, Guangzhou will mitigate the burden of unemployment insurance stage by stage. That is, while maintaining the unemployment insurance benefits at the current level, i.e. 1040 yuan/month, which will be adjusted to 1240 yuan/month from May 1 onwards, the contribution rate of employing units will be reduced from 2% to 1.5% and that of employees from 1% to 0.5%.

  • 北京:外地人跨年补社保需交完税证明

    Beijing: People Whose Hukou Is Not in Beijing Need to Provide Tax Payment Certificate When Supplementing Social Insurance of Previous Year


    From April onwards, people whose hukou is not in Beijing need to provide the tax payment certificate in addition to payroll and labor contract when supplementing social insurance of previous year. In addition, the procedures for supplementing social insurance become stricter, while the supplement of previous year's social insurance requires administrative approval.

  • 广州养老金人均增219元

    Guangzhou Per Capita Old-age Pension Increase by RMB 219


    Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau states that the amount of old-age pension as adjusted from January 2013 will be in place on April 24. After adjustment, the per capita old-age pension for enterprise retirees will reach RMB 2833/month, increased by 219 yuan or 8.38%.

  • 上海今年新增16个补贴培训项目

    Shanghai Will Launch 16 New Subsidized Training Programs This Year


    Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently released the subsidized training program directory as well as the subsidiary standard for training programs for the year 2013, adding 16 subsidized training programs, including those for the training public service platform for SMEs.

  • 79%


    A survey recently conducted by human resources service provider Career International toward nearly 500 "returnees" shows that 60% of the surveyed expect to switch their jobs within a year. Wherein, 79% tend to go to foreign enterprises, especially solely US/European-funded enterprises.

  • 47%


    Global professional recruitment group Hays released the Salary Guide 2013, revealing the remuneration and recruitment trends for a total of 1,100 posts in China, Singapore and Japan. In 2012, 47% employers in China offered 10% pay raise, while only 30% is expected to offer equivalent raise this year.

  • 6000


    Human resources management consulting firm CIIC released the Research Report on the Remuneration of 2013 Graduating Students (Guangzhou and Shenzhen). The report shows that R&D posts offer highest starting salary for graduating students, with 6000 yuan/month for postgraduates after probation and 4250 yuan/month for graduates after probation.

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