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#270  May 11, 2018    email version


If an employee reaches the statutory retirement age during the medical treatment period, can the labor contract with the employee be terminated?


One of our employees has reached the statutory retirement age but his number of years of social insurance contribution is insufficient, so he could not enjoy the old-age insurance. Meanwhile, the employee is still in the medical treatment period. Can our company terminate the labor contract with the employee?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 日本电子巨头奥林巴斯宣布撤离深圳

    Japanese electronics giant Olympus announced to withdraw from Shenzhen


    On May 7, Toru Komatsu, the head of Shenzhen Olympus, announced to all employees via radio broadcasting that the company would shut down Shenzhen factory as of May 7. However, the announcement made by Shenzhen Olympus didn't provide the detailed separation compensation scheme. It is said that the company is still negotiating with employees.

  • 天津:出台办法 24小时连续作业禁止“两班”轮流

    Tianjin: Measures have been promulgated, prohibiting "two shift" rotation under 24 hours of continuous operation


    Tianjin has recently promulgated the Measures on the Administrative Licensing of Special Working Hour Systems, which shall apply to state organs, public institutions, social organizations, and employees with whom the foregoing institutions have established labor relations. For posts that require 24 hours of continuous operations, the employer shall implement the multiple-shift working system, while the "two shift" continuous rotation is prohibited.

  • 耐克:女员工“起义”反性骚扰 迫6男高层离职

    Nike: Female employees "rebel" against sexual harassment, with 6 male senior executives forced to resign


    Recently, a female executive of the America's sports brand Nike wrote a letter to its CEO Parker, which led to the concerted "rebellion" of female employees to expose sexual harassment and sexist scandals within the company, including attempted kisses from the supervisors, insulating and judgmental languages from coworkers, etc. They forced 6 male senior executives including the company's President to resign. The successor of Parker was also brought down.

  • 新西兰:公司为“带娃”员工提供人性化管理

    New Zealand: Companies provide humanized management for employees who need to look after their babies


    A recent study shows that more and more companies in New Zealand are implementing a more humanized management model for employees who need to take care of their babies. Different flexible methods have been adopted. 18% of the companies provide flexible hours for working parents, 34% allow employees to work from home, 22% allow employees to adjust commuting time as needed, and 8% of them even allow employees to work only 4 days a week.

  • 5.5%


    Recently, the minimum wage standard in Shandong province has been adjusted. After the adjustment, the new standard is divided into three levels: the minimum monthly wage will be RMB 1,910, RMB 1,730 and RMB 1,550 respectively; Shandong Province also adjusts the minimum hourly wage standards, and the three levels are adjusted to RMB 19.1, RMB 17.3 and RMB 15.5 per hour respectively. After the adjustment, both the minimum wage standards and the minimum hourly wage standards have an increase of 5.5% on average. The new standards will be implemented as of June 1 of this year.

  • 50%


    According to the recent news of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, from May, the rate of work-related injury insurance premiums of 35 districts within the planning, including Nanjing, Wuxi city area, Feng county of Xuzhou, etc., will be further reduced by 50% on the existing rate while that of 15 districts within the planning, including Wujiang, Changshu, and Kunshan, will be reduced by 20%. The reduced rates will be implemented until April 30 of next year.

  • 1万元


    Recently, Kunming Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security released the Regulation of Kunming on Enterprise Wage Payment (Revised Draft) to solicit public opinions. The Regulation raises the cost for employers to break the law. For example, if the employer fails to provide employees with the salary breakdown list or has other scenarios and fails to make corrections within the prescribed period of time, a fine of more than RMB 5,000 but less than RMB 10,000 may be imposed.

  • 17万元


    According to Xiaomi's prospectus disclosed recently, Xiaomi spent RMB 2.428 billion on employee wages, remunerations, and bonuses in 2017. If calculating based on a total of 14513 employees as at March 31, 2018, the average annual remuneration of Xiaomi employees is around RMB 170,000.

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