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#275  Jun 15, 2018    email version


Is it legal for the company to offset the paid annual leave by advancing the off-duty time to half of hour earlier each day?


Our company intends to stipulate that all employees can get off duty half an hour earlier each day, which will offset the paid annual leave of the year. Would you tell me if it is legal?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 广东:7月1日起将调整企业职工最低工资标准

    Guangdong: Minimum Wage Standard will be adjusted as of July 1.


    Recently, Governor of Guangdong Province Ma Xingrui chaired a standing meeting of the provincial government. At the meeting, the Circular of Guangdong People's Government on Adjusting the Minimum Wage Standard for Enterprise Employees in this Province was considered and adopted in principle. Pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, the provincial government decided to adjust the minimum wage standard for enterprise employees and the minimum hourly wage standard for non-full-time employees in Guangdong Province from July 1.

  • 闪送途中发生事故 闪送员起诉确认劳动关系获支持

    An employee of FLASHEX had an accident during delivery, whose claim for confirming labor relations with FLASHEX was upheld


    It is reported on June 7 that, Mr. Li, a deliveryman working for FLASHEX, had a traffic accident when carrying out a delivery assignment for FLASHEX. To be eligible for work-related-injury treatments, he took to court the operator of FLASHEX platform, i.e. Beijing Tongcheng Biying Technology Co., Ltd., requesting the confirmation that the two parties have established labor relations from May 29, 2016. Haidian District People's Court concluded the case on June 6, ruling that there has been labor relations between Mr. Li and Beijing Tongcheng Biying Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 富士康:1个月加班80小时,时薪14.5元?回应称全面调查

    Foxconn responded with a full investigation of a claim that the overtime totals 80 hours on a monthly basis but for an hourly wage of 14.5 yuan.


    It was exposed recently that Hengyang Factory of Foxconn has been severely exploiting its workers: The hourly wage is only 14.5 yuan, and the overtime totals 80 hours per month, which may reach 100 hours during peak production seasons. Foxconn responded on June 11 that: it has launched a full-scale internal investigation of the market rumor. If there are any violations, the company will make immediate rectifications to ensure a seamless implementation of social responsibilities by all of its group companies.

  • 全球工作时长哪家最长 日本员工1个月加班80多个小时

    Which country has the longest working hours in the world? Japanese employees work for additional 80 hours per month


    According to the research report released by Expedia on June 12, nearly 25% of Japanese companies require employees to work for additional 80 hours per month, while only 50% of Japanese employees take paid annual leaves. The report also points that 63% of Japanese even "feel guilty" of taking paid annual leaves, ranking first among all the surveyed 30 countries and regions.

  • 8000人


    According to recent foreign media reports, Amazon admits that 8,000 dispatched employees have been illegally employed in China for the production of Echo smart loudspeaker and Kindle, for which it feels sorry. Amazon also reveals that auditors visited a Faxconn factory in March, finding that the factory illegally employed a large number of dispatched employees without paying reasonable overtime salary to these people.

  • 5000人


    Recently, Hewlett-Packard disclosed in a regulatory document that the company plans to lay off 4,500 to 5,000 employees by the end of the 2019 fiscal year, which may be 1,000 more employees than the restructuring plan announced two years ago. As of October 31, 2017, Hewlett-Packard, based in Palo Alto, California, had 49,000 employees in total.

  • 92.1%


    The Employment Blue Book: Report on the Employment of Chinese Graduates in 2018 was released in Beijing on June 11. According to the report, the employment rate of college graduates of 2017 after six months’ graduation is 91.9%, while that of graduates from higher vocational and technical schools is 92.1%, exceeding the former for the first time.

  • 52小时


    According to media reports, South Korea plans to implement a new system that limits the longest working hours per week to 52 hours. Concerns arise that this may cause chaos for the front line labor.

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